Part 44

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We have arrived. The girl looked at the big school building and started to walk. Her face looks peaceful as she walks and her steps were light and elegant.

But in her mind,

Dear god, please keep them away from me. Please forgive me on the other day, I did not mean to uncover my book! Please don't let me be swallowed by these minions that go here...!! I don't care if you whisper to a student and make rumors of me! I don't care if you eat all of my sweets! Just don't!

She entered the classroom and sat in her seat with a blank look on her face.

Oh my god, everyone is looking! I repeat, EVERYONE IS LOOKING AT YOU!

The students look at her suspiciously and turn to their friends to whisper some words.

"Guys, I don't know...I wasn't there at the party!"

"Maybe, its true? Wait, no no no. That's so wrong."

"Who's been at the party? State names."

"I was..."

"Why are you so stupid? Of course it's Zen-sama! Zen-sama!"

"Ehhh??! Really?! Wait, that actually makes sense. Should we ask him?"

"Mou! Let's not talk about this anymore! Let's go eat some snacks and come back!"

And with that, the group ran out of the room. Eve looked at the opened door and sighed.

Out of all the people, it had to be a handsome guy who is her so called friend and the one who knows about her lies.

You know, they could have asked Lily who is my maid and is the ONE who is CLOSER to me for all my WHOLE life.


Oh well, I guess it's time to take action and burn the mask I've been wearing for the past year?

Hehehe, I'm having fun.

Anyway, Lily should be here by now. With snacks. Class almost starts and today is a test day. We have 3 tests. One is the beginning of the year, the middle of the year, and the end of the year.

Sound familiar.

I should probably study after I visit Ewin's Box. I haven't seen them since the day before yesterday.

Yoshhh! It's decided!

Some time later...

Everyone was crowded around the School board. Obviously, they were checking their Test results.

"Wow! Riya-san got 10 place! You're so smart!"

"Oh, it's nothing. Hehe." Riya said with a satisfied expression.

Riya was satisfied with her test results. If she has gotten a higher result than her sister then it would be fine.

Riya was positive that Eve was not on board and then started to search for Zen's test result which was 1st place. Haaah, how perfect!!

"Waow, I got 2nd place...I should treat myself with CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP WITH A SODA ON A SIDE..."

(AN: hahahahah, sorry I can't help it! It just....popped in my head.)

Riya felt that this voice was familiar and turn to look at the person and was immediately disgusted and wanting to take a step away from this girl.

Eve gave a satisfying nod and noticed someone was looking at her and she immediately recognized this gaze and turn to the person's face with a smile.

"Ah Yo, Riya! Look, I got 2nd place..!" I smiled at her as I saw her face turn from confused to shocked.

Riya was stunned.

What the! How did this happen? When did this stupid girl get so smart?

Questions filled her head.

Eve looked at her, knowing what she was thinking and sneer before turning around to leave.

Lily appeared next to Eve and smiled brightly at her.

"Amazing! My lady is the best! 2nd place?! I cannot believe it miss! I-I...huuwwuuu...My lady...!!" Lily once again starts to cry and Eve patted her back warmly and crook a smile.

"Oi! Eve!" A voice was heard in a distance. Eve turn to look and saw Sean running to them.

"Oh? Sean, what's up?" I asked as my hands leave Lily's back.

"Congratulations on taking 2nd place! You worked hard!" He cheerfully said with a angel like smile.

Oh my god!!! An angel!!! I witness an angel!

I return his smile, "Thank you!"

And with that, I think that was the only peaceful day at school.

After school was down, I head to Ewin's Box and spotted Nick.

"Nicky nick!! Come here boy!" I yelled at him as he groaned with his back turned to me.

"Not a dog, Eve!" He yelled back.

I rolled my eyes playfully. I place my hair in a high ponytail and started to warm up my body and muscle.

"So, Miss Eve? How's your test results or score? You must have had a high placing." He said as he wrapped his hands in gloves.

I shrugged.

"I got 2nd place." I said and he laughed. He stops when he saw that I was serious.



"Wahhhh, as expected of the youngest miss of the Vangelia family!!" He clapped his hands and playfully bowed as I rolled my eyes.

"So, How's with your father?" I said with raising brows.

He shrugged and looked at me.

"He said that after you graduate from High school, he's making me the successor to his company." He replied and I nod.

"Oh, that's nice. Will I get a free pass?" I asked him with expectation.

"...I...I don't know? Maybe..?" He answered uncertainly.

I huffed.

They better be! I almost work in this company for almost a year now!

And then the days goes on with Eve and Nick basically talking.



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