Part 43

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Eve sighed in her room. It was Sunday and tomorrow was going to be school. Ugh, why?! Why does it have to be tomorrow!! I want time to stop!!

(AN: too..)

Sighing, she went downstairs to go get something to eat. Although she could have ask Romeo or Lily, she felt like doing it by herself today.

Eve entered the kitchen and looked around to see anything she can consume.

Wow, I haven't felt this kind of feeling, walking to the kitchen to get something to eat for a long time now. My feet tingles at the feeling.

Eve opened the fridge and looked in it.

What the...? Nani kore?

Eve's eyebrows scrunched up and her lips makes a firm line.

When she opened the fridge, she saw her name on a wrapped lunch box with a heart.

She grabs it after recovering and places it on the counter and opened it, ignoring the handwritten paper.

She opened the box and it revealed a cute panda rice with seaweed and other few seafood dishes. Suddenly curious at who made this, she looked at the handwritten paper next to the lunchbox.

She opened it.

Hello, my beautiful granddaughter! This is your grandpa! I have left this for you to eat and also to say that I'll be back to come visit you again!! I'll miss you and please remember me when you eat this!! If anyone bullies you or slanders you, make sure to tell this old man and I will surely avenge for you!! If my stupid son makes it hard for you and bullies you, I'll make sure I'll take you away!!

Love, Super Grandpa~

PS, please write one back or else I'll cry~~

"Hehe.." Eve giggles at the old man's silliness. This old man is really cheerful and youthlike. But how did he end up giving birth to my cold hearted father? Maybe grandma?

She set the handwritten letter down and began consuming the seafood.
Oh? This is actually quite good! Grandpa has nice taste.

Well as for Mr. Vangelia who was in his private room, was looking at his phone and was messaged by his old man.


He opened the message and read it but soon regretted it.

Old Man: Hahah! Your daughter is probably eating the lunchbox I placed in the fridge! Tsk, tsk, tsk! My son, you have a long way to go! Careful, I might take your daughter away from you! ✌️

Mr. Vangelia's hand tighten on his phone.

Yep, you guessed right.

The bet between the father and the grandpa are still going. Innocent Eve doesn't know this was happening between her father and grandpa.

This old snob!!

Mr. Vangelia thought as he set his phone down and went to look into some files.

"Jason," Mr. Vangelia's voice called out to Jason, making him almost drop the expensive item he was cleaning.

"Yes, Master?" Jason answered.

"Is Eve eating something in the kitchen?" He asked.

Jason's face got twisted and could only smile before answering the cold hearted man.

"According to the North, he saw Miss Eve go into the kitchen. So my guess would be yes." Jason replied.

Suddenly, Jason saw his master's dark aura and could only sweat and curse himself many times.

What did I do, what did I do, what did I do?? Am I going to die? B-but—


Jason's thoughts stopped as he saw his master's aura turn back to normal and continued to look at the files of papers.


Jason continued to clean the item carefully after cheering happily in his mind.


"...achoo...!" Eve sneezed in her arm and dazed off.

Who's talking about me?

Eve shrugged and continued to happily eat the lunch her grandpa packed.


Behind the scenes

AN: ~Baby mine, don't you mine, dry your eyes~

Lily: what song is that?

Zen: It's from Dumbo. The song is Baby Mine.

Nick: oh my god, the feels when the song starts!!! Its so sad!!

Sasha: she sounds like a dying dog.

AN: Bab—*coughs violently* I sing perfectly fine!!!

Eve: hm? *tilts her head and smiles* I wonder?

Lily: Eve!

Eve: what? I was just...oh.

Nick: 'oh?' That's an 'oh?' Dude!!! We took 24 hours just to calm her ass down and even gave her snacks! But—but look now! You made her depressed again!!

Zen: I still have dark bags under my eyes...oh well, let's go for an another round. Sasha, you're holding her this time.

Sasha: Wha—? What!? Why me?

Lily: You just came back from a Thailand! So shush and become one of us!

Eve: Sasha, be one of us and let us share the pain *darkly looks at Sasha as her hand trembles in Sasha's shoulder*

AN: ...

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