Part 42

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As the happy girl left them alone, the 3 men plus the old man stood there with silence.

One with a satisfying face while eating a pair of delicious snacks, one with a stern expression and straight small lips on him, one with a cold and blank expression, and one with a happy smile.

They all have different auras which made the people awed and could not let their eyes off of them.

While with Nick, who decided to let Eve alone with her family, did not know he was going to be dragged into her mess, saw a elegant figure with a blank beautiful expression on her face.

He realized it was Eve.

Before he could even breathe, Eve interrupted him.

"Nicky, follow me." She said as she turned around as her hair followed as well.



Nick forcefully followed her as he thought maybe she want him for something serious or something...

...or, maybe not.

Nick was suddenly introduced to 4 suited men. 2 glared while the other 2 smiled politely.

Eve came to his side after seeing him stepping out.

"This is Nick Savir! This is Mr. Savir's Son! He's my partner for today." I explained as they looked at Nick with different expressions.

My father looked at him before handing him a handshake.

"I've heard about you from your father. It's nice to meet you here. It seems your father didn't come I supposed." He said as Nick shake his hands and smiled politely.

"He thought that I should come instead." Nick said as their hands separated from each other, a smile still on his face.

But behind that beautiful smile, was a wailing help cry!

Owwww! My hand!! I think my fingers are broken! Eve!!!

Then he felt a cold stare on his other side and was met with a tall and handsome guy with a expensive tuxedo.

Eve who saw Nick turn to Zen, pretended not to see it.

No way! I'm not introducing you to him!

Nick smiled at Zen but a different kind of smile.

"May I know this man's name?" Nick asked as his body was fully facing Zen.

Zen had no expression until his lips slowly curled and put his hands into his pockets.

"Zen Jerio."

Nick gave him one last look and turn around to see Eve.

"This is the guy you were talking about? The hot Kim—"


"Pfftt—! Ow! What was that for!?" Nick looked at her with an confused expression while trying to hold onto the pain on his foot.

Ah, the heels hurts!

A frustrated Eve glared at Nick for almost exposing her.

This guy is totally—hmph!

Zen looked at the two and saw how their chemistry was as if they had been friends with their whole life.

Seems he didn't know her life yet.

After that, Eve went to her father's side who was standing alone while Zen's dad was talking to grandpa.

"Father, it seems like we are going to have a conference for the next few days. I've disappointed you, father..." Eve said as she was fidgeting with her hands.

Her father looked at her and then looked at her arms. His hands went to her arms and grabbed it and hooked it around his.

Mmh, this was right.

"Father...?" Eve said, stunned at his actions.

What's wrong with this guy!!! Wahhh!! Help me!

"I'm not disappointed. Either way, this will be faster way for you to be my successor and for Nick to finally be Savir's successor too. So, I'm not disappointed." He said, not making eye contact with Eve who was looking at him.

Waaahhh, still with the successor thing? Looks like I can't get out of his grip. I mean, look at him holding me protectively!

Oh well, this...seems KINDA nice! Although it's not that I like it or anything.

(Skip time cuz author thinks this is too long for a party!!)

The next day, a newspaper set the whole city on fire!

"Wah! A girl!"

"How pretty!"

"This is juicy news! Man, I want it live!"

"Wah, this cindy person is too much! Dare slander Vangelia's youngest daughter and the boss of Evin's Box! Shameless!"

"I find the food delicious in man! I want one of those strawberry crepes!"

It was the talk of the town and the Earia, Mr. Vangelia's business company, has accepted a conference.

Sigh~ Even Riya and Riya's mom was shocked and it felt awkward in the house.


Behind the scenes

AN: blehhh, urgh! Auuummmm...

Eve: woah, is that dark circles on AN's face?

Zen: seems so.

Nick: or maybe she got punched by the face? Ahh—!


AN: Shut up Nicky!!

Nick: hey don't call me that! By the way, it's nick!

Lily: Hehe, Nicky sounds nice.

Zen: mmh hm, very girly.

Nick: sigh

Sasha: Tch, annoying.

AN: so much stuff...I want a break...Test, paper, homework, chores...wuuhuu...

Lily: life is hard, AN. Do your best!

Eve: Hey, AN? Did your IQ go low or something?

AN: don't bother me.

Zen: oh. Depressing AN has arrived.

Nick: is that bubbles coming out of her mouth—

AN: *gurgle gurgle*

Eve: Hospital...ambulance!

Lily: 911?

Nick: Fire department?

Eve: I said Hospital! Go call a doctor or something! Oi! Stay with us! Remember, your favorite food, Frech fries! Yummy potatoes! With salt on them! Oi!!

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