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Jungkook looked on at the world in front of him, a small smile playing on the ends of his lips.

He inhaled a long breath, before releasing it seconds later, practically feeling all of his worries leaving his system.

It had been 50 years since he'd last seen Taehyung. The first five had been the hardest. Jungkook barely mustered up enough energy to move an inch of his body, however Yoongi, Jimin and Seokjin had been there to lift his spirits up all the time, reminding the man that one day he would reunite with his lover.

Decades on, and Jungkook had learned how to cope with his pain. He ploughed through each day, remembering that it wouldn't be long until he saw Taehyung's face once again.

The grey-haired male visibly relaxed at the sweet aromas of the spring flowers dancing around his nasal glands as he looked around at the mound of earth to the left of him.

Placing his hand against the surface of the grave, Jungkook's eyes flickered upon the myriad of flowers planted around edges.

"I miss you," he said softly, picturing the boy's youthful face in his mind. "I can almost picture you laughing at me now, huh. How is it fair you get to stay young and pretty, whilst I've had to grow up into the old man I am now?"

Yoongi stepped out the house built upon the lush field, his eyes searching for his brother, not feeling an ounce of surprise once he saw him sitting beside Taehyung's grave. That was where the man spent most of his hours now. At the ripened age of 71, Jungkook had nothing better to do that engage in "talks" with Taehyung as well as occasionally playing with Yoongi and Jimin's grandchildren.

Jungkook was grateful his brother decided to build their house on the very same field Taehyung had fallen. Despite worrying it would never grant him closure had first, he'd been proven wrong, since he felt incredibly close to his deceased lover every second of the day.

"Kook?" Yoongi called out, waving at him to enter the house. "Jimin's made dinner. Come on," he said, before he shuffled back inside, groaning at the feeling of his aching joints.

Jungkook braced himself to haul himself up, before taking one last look at the mound of dirt, covering the beautiful face of Kim Taehyung.

Jungkook was, most indefinitely, extremely happy. He'd learned to listen to Taehyung's dying wish, making sure he no longer felt sad and bitter over the boy's death. Leaving the castle had been one of the first steps in achieving his goal, after Jungkook knew he wanted absolutely nothing to do with the royal life he was once accustomed to.

Looking up at the sky, Jungkook breathed in the scent of the fresh, evening air, a small smile causing the ends of his mouth to turn upwards.

"I love you, Taehyung," he whispered to his lover, walking back into the house soon after.


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