What!?! You're Alive![3/3]

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Author's PoV


Jeon Jungkook and Jeon Jeongguk is a pair of identical twins and they are inseparable. Even if they are twins they're complete opposites of each other. Jungkook being the muscular and popular twin while Jeongguk is the petite and shy twin. But even if they are the complete opposites, they still love eachother. Jungkook is very protective of his younger twin because he is an easy target for bullies. There was this one time where Jeongguk was bullied and Jungkook did this.

"Hyung!" Hearing his brother's call, he immediately saw him running while his arms are open. He eventually opened his arms while Jeongguk ran to his embrace.
"What happened, baby?" Jungkook asked but Jeongguk just cried but eventually talked.
"H-hyung, they snatched m-my p-phone and wouldn't g-give it back" Jeongguk said and continued to cry. Jeongguk started to pant and wheeze making Jungkook's eyes to became wide.
"Kookie, breathe.. you are gonna have your asthma" Jungkook said but Jeongguk continued to cry which made him cough. Jungkook getting Jeongguk's inhaler and made him take a few pumps.

"I told you to stop crying"  Jungkook said still hugging Jeongguk. They walked to where Jeongguk came from and searched for the guy who took his phone.
"Now, who is the one who took my brothers phone!" Jungkook said making all people to look at him. He whispered something to Jungkook.
'Baby, who is the person who snatched your phone' Jungkook whispered while Jeongguk searched for the person. Seeing the person, Jeongguk pointed at a boy on the vending machine. The twins walked up to him and Jeongguk immediately hid behind his older twin. The boy turned around after sensing the presence and upon seeing the big tall boy towering over him, he immediately became scared.

"J-Jungkook, what do y-you w-want?" the boy asked shaking and stuttering.
"Give back my brother's phone" Jungkook said with a serious tone making the boy even more scared and immediately checked his pocket to get the phone. The boy found the phone on his pocket and quickly giving it before running away.
"Here, Kookie" Jungkook said his serious tone disappeared and changed into a soft tone.
"T-thank you, hyung" Jeongguk says with a sniffle.

But this time Jungkook wanted a favor from his brother.
"Baby, do you like someone?" Jungkook asked his brother who fixed his glasses and then hesitantly nodded.
"Who?" Jungkook said with a teasing smile which made Jeongguk blush.
"B-BTS h-hyungs" Jeongguk said blushing afterwards. Jungkook was shocked because he also liked the group of seniors and didn't know his brother also liked them.
"But what if hyung like them too?" Jungkook asked and Jeongguk gave him a smile.
"Then I'll find someone else and you can have them" Jeongguk said even though it hurt him.
"Are you sure, baby?" Jungkook asked and Jeongguk nodded. Jungkook immediately hugged his brother and kissed his forehead.

After a few months, Jungkook became the boyfriend of the seniors, BTS. They didn't know that Jungkook had a twin and thought that the boy they had was the boy they always liked. They thought Jungkook was the shy type and not the muscular and tall boy.

After a year, they all graduated and separated ways. Jungkook moving in with the group and Jeongguk going in to another college....

/Flashback ends/

Jeongguk's PoV

"And then that was the last time I saw my hyung" I end the story and saw them staring.
"So, you are the shy type and the boy we always liked?" Taehyung hyung asked and I nodded.
"So, that's why we always questioned how Jungkook can lift up things very easily" Yoongi hyung said making me giggle.
"And the reason, why he isn't shy" Jin hyung said.
"So, do you have someone" Namjoon hyung asked and I shake my head.
"Can we court you?" Jimin suddenly exclaimed which made me blush.
"Y-yeah" I squeaked out and looked down to hide my red cheeks.

2 months later....

BTS Hyungs have been courting me for a whole 2 months now and I decided my answer now. We are meeting up at the park to hang out and I'm gonna say my answer.

/Time skip/

I was waiting at the park and saw them waving at me. They walked over to my direction and sat down at the bench while the others sat at the bench right next to it.
"So, what were you gonna say?" Jimin hyung asked and I blushed.
"U-um... You guys have been courting me and I decided that my answer is yes" I said in a low voice but they still heard it.
"JINJJA!?!" Taehyung hyung shouted and started doing a victory dance and Hobi hyung joined him. The others hugged me while I hugged back.
"Gomawo, Jeongguk-ah" Jin hyung said smiling while I returned it back.
"Saranghaeyo, Jeongguk-ah" They all said in unison while I blushed.
"Love you too, hyungs" I said and each one of them kissed me....

"Yah!! I want to carry him"
"Well, you have no jams to carry my baby"
"What did you say!?!"
"Hey! He's our baby too"
"Kookie, hold on tight because we are gonna run"
"Hey! Come back here"
"You guys can't catch me!"

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