[Love and Tears] part 12.

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So this chapter is a little boring.

Sorry about that.

It's only mainly Rebecca and Callie.

But Callie finds out a lot in this chapter, about Rebecca and Jay. x


"Callie?" She repeated. I sat there, silently. "What are you doing here?" She asked, as she ignored my silence.

What was I doing there? Huh? Didn't she know my secret? The real question was what was she doing there?

The only way I knew it was Rebecca was because she said my name, otherwise I wouldn't have been sure. Her face was make-up free, which was extremelyweirdfor her. Her eyes seemed even more piercing without having make-up to somewhat disguise them. I stared at her. Was it actually her?

I then realized she had exchanged her mini skirt for a baggy tracksuit. I raised an eyebrow. That couldn't be Rebecca, could it? Her zipper on her tracksuit was zipped right up to her neck. Her baggy jogging bottoms tucked into her cowboy boots. I tried my best to hold in my laugh. It wascertainlyuh...different to her boob tubes and tight mini skirts.

"Callie?" She asked, snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Joe, is this your sister?" I asked him, ignoring Rebecca's comment.

"It mostdefinitelyis." He replied, with a grin. "You two knoweach other?" He asked, looking at me, then looking at her then returning his attention to me again.

What was I to say? 'Yeah I know her and she hates me and bullies me and knows my secret and she tells me to do things for her everyday if not I'll get revealed and she calls me loser'? I decided I would let her reply. Whatever she said, I'd go along with.

She stared at me before raising an eyebrow at me. I shrugged. She sighed as she said, "Yeah. We're friends."

Woah, woah, woah. What the...? Since when were we friends?

"No we're-" I was going to protest but I was cut off by her immediate response.

"Yes we are. Really close!" I narrowed my eyes at her. What was she up to?

I decided to let it drop. "What are you doing here, Rebecca?" I asked her.

Joe rolled his eyes violently. "I've told you already! I have multiple issues and she's the only family I've got.Of courseshe's going to be here for me."

I watched Joe carefully while he spoke. "Oh, well I-" I wasinterruptedagain this time by Joe. Did it run in the family to cut people off or something? I mumbled a little swearword under my breathe and crossed my arms. Would nobody let me talk?

"Why were you late, Bec-Bec?" Joe asked Rebecca. Bec-Bec? Since when did anyone call her 'Bec-Bec'? Since when did she allow people to call her Bec-Bec? I could see her face heating up and blood rushed to her cheeks as she tried to avoid eye contact with me. I let a small chuckle escape my lips. No-one heard though, I hope.

"Sorry Joe. I had to get changed." She told him.

"What was wrong with your school uniform? You can see..." He geusterd me to tell him my name and I responded, "Callie."

He continued, "Yeah Callie wore her school uniform here."

Rebecca shot me a look. I frowned. I would of changed if I could but I had to see my Uncle who, in all this commotion, I had forgotten about.

"I was uncomfortable in it." Joe glared at Rebecca. He then let the subject drop.

"So how do you two know each other anyway?" She asked Joe.

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