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Kentrell Desean Gaulden

"this yo' third time this week coming home from school early. Why you keep throwing up?" I said handing Kamrynn a cup of water

"I don't know, I been telling you I felt sick for two weeks" she responded before I raised a eyebrow and sat down

"you ain't never told me that until just now. You been telling me that for the past three days though"

she ain't say nothing and I just sat there thinking before I snapped myself out of my thoughts

"You a virgin?" I asked before she looked at me with her eyes widened

"what you mean?"

"you know what I mean so stop tryna play me. You a virgin, yes or no?" I repeated myself, she just sat there


"which answer you want?" I looked at her and shook my head before chuckling

"So who took yo' virginity?"

"I ain't never said I wasn't no virgin, you assuming" she said before I shrugged ignoring everything she just said

"You my child and I'm with you everyday, so I know when you lying. You tryna lie and it ain't working, so answer my question"

"Jayden" she said with no hesitation and I just started laughing

shit crazy as fuck

Who is Jayden?


"maybe three or four weeks ago" I shook my head tryna connect the dots

"So you pregnant is what you telling me?" I asked causing her eyes to get bigger and her mouth to drop

"I ain't pregnant, fuc—. I aint pregnant, we used a condom"

"condoms don't always work, I used a condom on yo' momma and you sitting in front of me"

She started laughing but I was serious

"I don't wanna talk about this no more cause it's irrelevant" she said shrugging

"I don't either, but you gone take a pregnancy test when I buy it"

I'm mad as fuck cause don't nobody got time to be raising no baby. Kamrynn sneak around and do stuff behind my back thinking I'm not gone find out

She can't settle down for nothing

"I swear if she pregnant I'm whooping her and the nigga ass" I muttered as I walked down the aisle with the gang

"Calm down, she ain't pregnant" Kd said all nonchalant, he been tryna convince me that she wasn't the whole time

I ain't having it though

"the dates add up" I mumbled as I stopped in front of some pregnancy test "these It right here?"

I looked back at the gang and they was looking confused

"shit yb we don't know, and when she have time to go fuck somebody?" babyjoe asked

"I don't know, and I don't even know who the nigga is. That's how you know she sneaky"

"You know she get that shit from you right?" 3three asked causing me to look at him

"This ain't the time to blame me. Shut the hell up and help me find one"

we started picking them up and reading the boxes debating on which one to buy

"mane that one twenty dollars, I ain't tryna pay that much. Not for no pregnancy test" I said shaking my head 'no'

"You wanna know if she pregnant?" Ben asked and I shook my head 'yes'

"okay then buy that one, you acting like you ain't no rich nigga"

I payed for the test before we left going back to my house

"Say, you shut the door I'm whooping yo' ass" I told Kamrynn as I stood at the door of the bathroom

"You want me to pee on this stick with the door wide open?" She asked with a confused look

"they can't see you from here, and you let a random nigga go inside you. Ain't gone hurt if yo' uncles see you piss on a stick"

She continued to look at me like I was crazy

"No, I ain't taking that" I scrunched my face up cause now she making me more mad

"Kamrynn if I to tell you again, you gone get hurt. Stop playing on my top, you heard what I said"

I left from the bathroom and made my way to the living room. She finished peeing on the stick before coming out the bathroom

"you gotta wait for the results" she said sitting down, we all glanced at her and didn't say nothing

Minutes passed by and I got up with Kamrynn following behind me

"what it say?" I asked looking at Kamrynn as she picked up to the test


I hope y'all didn't think I was gone finish the chapter 😭 NOPE y'all gotta wait for the next chapter

Until then enjoy this cliffhanger...

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