Blue Blood

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This book is a work of fiction, and not related or involved in the Royal Household. All characters, places and events are all created from the author's imagination.

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Prince Marcus VI Phillip of Sweden was known as a naughty and daredevil prince

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Prince Marcus VI Phillip of Sweden was known as a naughty and daredevil prince. He didn't stop getting himself into trouble. Because of that, paparazzi liked chasing him. There wasn't a single day when he didn't involve in some scandal.

Alissa Carter was nothing like a girl he had ever seen before. They were instantly attracted to each other as they met at their friend's party when they were on holiday. However, as Alissa was getting to know him better, she understood that he was nothing but trouble. A spoiled, carefree, arrogant womanizer who would break her heart. She always tried to stay away from this kind of handsome trouble because she had been a witness to a lot of heartbreak stories thank to her brother, and it affected her deeply, making her afraid of falling in love with a playboy.

As they returned to their countries, both of them thought they wouldn't see each other again, but their paths crossed again when the troublemaker Prince got himself into trouble again; his parents sent him away from paparazzi where no one knew him.

As this stubborn, devilishly handsome man kept on chasing her without giving up for a second, she started falling in love with him. But there was more about this mysterious womanizer she didn't know; he was the Crown Prince of Sweden.

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