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Eros- the god of Lust and love striked on the door of underworld.

A loud growl seem to stop his advances as fiery red eyes stared at his skull in agitation- Cerberus..the protector of underworld.

His three heads appeared baring their teeth at him. He was furious with the oncoming of this intruder...he knew Eros' intentions and it was anything but good.

"Cerberus" Hades stood before the gates in all his majestic regality. The demon combatants in their steel attire straightened.

Their God has graced them with his presence. They dropped on their knees. The colossal gates  opened as Eros' handsome face smirked but none of them seem to share his mirth.

The demonic warriors haven't met their Queen yet, they were afraid to make her frightned but they wouldn't think twice to sacrifice their lives for her and Eros was a danger.

Acid like hatred seemed to reflect from their eyes but the one who was thirsty for his blood was Cerberus .Persephone was like a mother to him. His foot shook not being able to crush Eros' skull under it.

A flicker of Hades' hand and they all parted. His gaze was a warning- a merciless death.

He was welcomed in the throne room standing proud of it's master. Hades sat upon it with a woman perched on his lap- a higher position than his own.

The symbolic of her rule over Hades. Her significance higher than his. She was the queen of his heart.

Lord Eros was surprised. His smirk fell down a second before he regained his composure.

Hades didn't hid her, nor did he try to make a show of touching her like most of the gods tell their goddesses that they own them and not Eros.

The look of pure lust which he was always greeted with was absent on Persephone's face..not even a trace of it in her aquamarines which bored into his irises in a sort of irritation.

"Lord Eros, I wish to know the reason of your gracious presence." Absolute and Direct. That was Hades.

He was patient, soft and caring, loving.....only for Persephone. For others he was the King of ink Darkness and he wore that armor and promised molten hell with honour.

"I came to know you that you have finally met your mate King Hades, I wished to pay my regards. Persephone is it?"

"Queen Persephone"

Eros' eyes widened when he observed Hades glancing at his Queen. That carnal way their eyes made contact was sparking ambers.

He looked at her like she was air and he was a man drowning. Like a single droplet of water in an esoteric desert. He would rip his own heart out if it was that she wished for.

Selene was blind if she didn't see the way Hades loved his Persephone. His hands trembled. He had to do it no matter what.

"She isn't crowned yet."

"Were you crowned the King of Lust?" Eros froze. He never was but still he was called that.

His voice faltered "Queen Persephone, my greetings. I am Eros- the god of Lust and Love." he finally greeted the enchanting beauty sitting on the throne as she was born for it.

Big, dark wavy curls falling on her waist were making her seem more exotic then she was. Petite, small, delicate beauty but her aura screamed power...of fury, she was a warrior.

"My greetings Lord. And as you must know who I am." Her eyes left Eros meeting her mate's.

She was loyal.....too loyal, she would burn herself before touching anyone else. The god of love could sense her feelings running so deep in her heart that it was hard to decipher.

Her mind, body, soul all belonged to him. She was his more than she was herself's. And that fact scared the blue eyed god, Selene was going to get a painful death, that woman was crazy to be doing this.

"The gods have sent a message. You have to be coronated before this fortnight or your designation as the Queen would be given to another woman who will be King Hades' new mate."



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