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I have been looking for you
In a dimly lit classroom
In an empty hallway
In every face I see in the streets
In every photo of every facebook post
In each of my friends' stories
I have been looking for you.
They told me, I should not look for you
For you will come at the right time
When I am not looking, 
I just need to wait
And I thought,
What if you were told the same thing
By friends and by family
And decided to follow what they said
What if you decided to wait
And I decided to wait
And both of us were waiting for the other to arrive
Not knowing that
We are waiting for someone
who is also waiting for us
And in deciding to stay put,
In deciding not to take action,
We just decided our non-meeting
That's why I kept on looking for you
In a crowded bus station
In a quiet library
In old high school photographs
In worn notepads
In magazines and newspapers
In places I've never been...
In moments I've never lived...

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