Angel Of Empowerment:

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"For people that don't understand why this angel is frustrated when he shouldn't be. His mind is starting to think like a human being, thats why i've shown characteristics of human being."


We made our way through the muddiest path to the village, called the Path of Virtue. It seemed as the best option at the time, compared to other paths which were much worse. I consumed large amounts of dirt under my leather boots. There was a time I got stuck and had fallen into a ditch. It made my blood boil. Why is being human so difficult! I shouted in my mind.

I heard a familar sound, sounded distant, which made me less aware of myself. It took moments processing where I recognised this sound. Then I remembered, It was the crow. I couldn't see the crow through the tall trees, but I assumed it watched settled above, laughing diabolically at my misfortune. It adored my endless suffering; rather entertained with every slipup I made.

Tempest and the woman stopped a couple of times to making sure I wasn't hurt. Despite that it didn't look to take shape on the woman, perhaps she was used to these harsh environments.

The ground became rockier over time until the village was in site. "This is the village," comfirmed the elderly woman.

The sun had peeked under the horizion; showing it's beautiful colours in breath-taking layers. The temperature began to drop, so cold that my breathing was visible in puffs of white vapour.

Dusky smoke descended from the heart of the town; tilting and swirling as it evaporated into the air. It was encircled with vibrant trees, amid civilization was built on top. I walked the path with Tempest and the elderly woman with houses on opposite sides.

It wasn't what I expected it to be, quiet. I had the image in my head for it lively, excitement on people's faces, dancing, but all I saw was face that had been deprived of happiness.

"It's quiet, everybody seems like total strangers to each other. Are they always like this?" I said, in a quizzical expression.

"Precisely, everybody just minds their own business, nobody trusts each other."

"Why is that exactly?" I raised my eyebrow

"Come inside, this is no place for talking." she replied, sternly.

I was eager to know what she had to say, so many questions I wanted to ask.

I hastily paced through the wooden gate, with Temptest at side. Fences were built around the perimeter of the house. Livestock began scatter and wail as I drew nearer.

"You can tie Labyrinth there," she pointed towards the fence.

I tied the reins attached to Tempest against the fence. She didn't look to happy. I guessed from the constant whimpers and desperate attempts to breakout, she wanted to follow me.

The woman witnessed this event, amazed. She looked into my eyes and asked skeptically, "Are you a horseman?" she smiled.

"You could say that," I replied.

"I had the feeling you were." She responded, opening the door.

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