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Hey, you beautiful potatoes! :)

I am SOOOOO excited to announce that I have been invited to the Paid Stories program, and It Started With A Converse — now renamed It Started With A Hightop — will be my first book on the program!!

What does this mean?  

It means you will be required to pay with coins from beginning of chapter six. I completely understand if you don't have enough money to read my paid story. If you can afford it, it would mean the world that you guys can support my writing, but if not I have many other books on my profile which are free to read.

Why did you join this program?

I'm so happy that there is now a way for readers to reward their favourite authors. This program is the first step that allows me to turn a hobby into a career — and by buying my book you will be helping me do that.

Why would we pay?

I have put a lot of effort into writing my books and doing it for free has really helped me grow as a writer, but I am never going to be able to do this full time if all my stories are free. There are still millions of free books on Wattpad, but supporting authors on this program will mean you will help them take their career to the next level.

Thank you for understanding and I hope you enjoy the book! xx

Lots of love and jelly tots- TPG

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