Chapter 6 - Raised eyebrows

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Hey all! This was written whilst I was waiting for lunch, so excuse the fact that it will probably be filled with thoughts of lunch!

I'm going to try to make this one extra long for you, maybe 4 pages? We'll see how it goes....


Chapter 6

Lana's POV

By the time the nurse let me out of her office, it was already 3rd period. As Elliot was a new student, and had stayed with me during the first three lessons, I had to show him around. Luckily for me, he was in my class, so I didn't have to race around school to different classrooms. I don't know why, but when I thought about Elliot being in my class, it brought fuzzy feelings to my stomach, and not in a bad way.

On the way to third lesson, we stopped by the office to pick up our timetables as we had missed form time when they were usually given out.

Once we had picked them up, I stole a glance at Elliot's to see which lessons we had together. Surprise, surprise we had all but last lesson together. I also made sure to see which lesson we had now, and found that it was Chemistry over on the other side of the school.

Knowing the Chemistry could be scary when you were too late, I grabbed hold of Elliot's arm, and started dragging him along the corridors.

"Hey, hey! Ease off on the pulling! I'm sure I can follow you, I'm a big boy!" He smirked at me. I smiled slightly, and rolled my eyes. What a typical guy!

We continued to hurry down the endless corridors, before coming to a set of double doors. I pushed them open and turned right and made my way to the science labs.

I made my way inside, Elliot trailing behind me, and I went round to the other side and faced our classroom door. I handed Elliot the slip of paper which the nurse gave me which explained where we had been, and gestured for him to go inside first.

Now, it was his turn to roll his eyes at my childish behaviour, and bravely knocked on the door. He then turned to give me a reassuring smile, before turning back to the now open door which held the short, stout figure of Mrs. Kell.

"Yes?" she asked in an exapserated tone.

"Uh, I'm Eliiot Mond, and this is Lana Freston, we are in your Chemistry set," Elliot stuttered. Haha, I knew he wouldn't last long in front of Mrs Kell, she was like the devil's grandma!

"And where, may I ask, have you been?" she questioned raising her eyebrows, and peering up at us over the top of her glasses that were precariously balanced on the end of her large nose.

Elliot's resolve had melted so much under her stern gaze that instead of answering, he simply held out the late slip the nurse had given me.

Mrs. Kell looked at it disbelievingly, but read it nonetheless. Once she was done, she sighed, and said: "Come on in then, and find a seat, luckily we have only just finished pairing up. I'm afraid you two will have to be lab partners as everyone else has been paired up."

I shot a sneaky sideways glance at Elliot, only to find he was doing the same thing. I smiled shyly before turning away, my cheeks heating up.

I scanned the room for places to sit, only to find that the table left was directly in front of Jenna and Max. Normally, I would have refused to sit there, but with Elliot with me, it didn't seem as bad.

I slid carefully into my seat, choosing the one in front of Max, so Jenna couldn't pull my hair, and studiously ignored their whispering. I knew they were talking about me, and after 4 years, it didn't bother me so much.

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