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We mortals dream of immortality. What if there was another option? The power of money could make the difference. A few win, the great majority loses. But humanity is saved, or is it?

Two hundred years from now, global warming and local wars have ravaged the world, irreparably damaging the environment. Human life is threatened with extinction…Three friends, Alice, Jamie and Lizzie, try to survive. A love triangle develops further endangering them…

The novel of Man’s continued existence on Earth.

“A very plausible future, scarily plausible.” Bob Rector

“A cast of characters that range from fascinating to despicable.” Marsha Roberts.

The book is available on Amazon. Please note that it first came out (May 2014) under a different title and cover, it was called "Forever Young". Now it is fully re-edited to remove any "serialized" dimenson and it is in the form of a regular novel. My thanks go to my trusted editor, Hannah Fischer Lauder.

Here is the opening:


It happened in the middle of their love-making. Her Life Watch beeped, bringing her down to earth, with a thud.

She peered into Sergio’s face hoping he hadn't heard. He hadn't, his eyes were closed, his mouth clenched as he strained towards the climax. She relaxed, trying to catch up with him to enjoy it too.

She made all the appropriate sounds but her heart was no longer in it.

No more. A terrifying thought.

Afterwards, she sneaked out of the crumpled bed sheets, leaving him to rest. She needed to get away to check her watch. She wiped her index across the watch’s curved screen. A date popped up: November 26, 2222 and a time: 7pm - 9 pm.

The exact date and time of her programmed death.

She snapped her fingers at the mirror enabling its enlargement function and leaned forward to scrutinize her face. Were there any sudden signs of aging? None she could see. She still looked young, the way she had a hundred years ago, when she had turned thirty two. She had been a beautiful woman then - she still was.

That was a relief.

The memory of her old mother came back to her, bent, bleary-eyed and aching all over. That was something she’d never wanted to go through.

Better dead than old.

Thank God for the advances of science - no one needed to go through the ghastly process of aging anymore. All you had to do was to join the APP, the Age-Prevention Program.  Expensive but effective. It controlled the process of aging and kept you looking young until your dropped dead. She had bought into it, like everyone in her generation who could afford to.

She was no fool; she knew you couldn’t buy immortality. Life has a natural arc depending on an individual’s genetic inheritance. And now, her life was ending.

Only one hundred and thirty-two years!

That suddenly seemed too short.

She knocked on the watch, trying to budge the date. It wouldn’t move. She had some twelve hours left, she had better get used to the idea.

Staring at her face, familiar and unchanged for a hundred years, she wished she had received some kind of warning. Time to prepare for Death like her mother had.

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