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The next day

After the meeting of the freshmen Sood and Ploy accidentally bumped up with Nick and his gang. Sood and Nick look at each other for about  10 minutes then Toey said,"for how many minutes did you guys need to look at each other like this? you guys looks a bit stupid",and then he laugh…Sood and Nick looked at him with scary face."heyy,khotot(sorry)",said Toey. Nick started the conversation.

Nick:laew…you're Sood right? well do you remember me or do you know me? oh wait of courses you know me because you had a crush on me before (laugh)
Sood just keep staring at him…
"Don't you need to reply what your senior said?",Nick said. After hearing that Sood started said "Khotot khrub,we just want to rest right now so can you guys move a little bit?",said him. The gang do as what he said and Nick don't like the situation where the senior listening to what their junior ask to do and he fastly stop them. Then Sood started talking with him.

Sood:Phi khrub,do you have anything to tell me? if yes,please tell me right now we're late…
Nick:You're so rude! how could you said like that to me! I know you had a crush on me now also so don't you pretend like you don't like me anymore. Don't just quiet,answer me!
Sood:Di(more like to 'yes' or 'ok')! you want my answer,right?! I'm like this because of you phi…and pardon,I don't have a crush on you anymore. You know what phi,I just wasted my time on mumbling and listened to what you said today…so please don't bother me anymore.
Then they left Nick gang. Nick really can't believe that he got that harsh compliment from someone who he started to have a crush on. "Hey dude,you should be calm now…",said Toey. "Yeah he right,well what you gonna do after this? flirting with him?",ask Bao. Nick just quiet at that time.

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