the one with the chaotic september babies

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"So," Chan said as he leaned over the table at lunch. "It's September. And as we all know, three of my children have birthdays this month." Woojin elbowed him in the side, telling Chan to correct himself. "Our children."

"Saturday's supposed to be at my house anyway," said Seungmin. "We could have a party for all three of us at the same time."

Woojin gasped. "No way are we letting you be a part of planning your party. We're switching the party to my house this week. The only planning you get to know is because we need to figure out what all of you want to do. So, what kind of stuff do you guys want? Movies, games, stay home, go out, it's your birthday so you guys get to choose."

"We could have a pool party," Seungmin suggested. Excited chatter filled the air as everyone agreed with the proposal. Woojin quickly shooed off the birthday boys so he could begin planning.

After a few agonisingly slow days, Saturday finally rolled around and all the boys were getting ready for the party. Woojin, Chan, Jeongin, and Minho were busy setting up at Woojin's house most of the day, unaware of the chaos unfolding only a few short blocks away.


"Jesus flippin' Christ!" Felix screamed as he hopped up onto a table. "Kill it, please, kill it, kill it!"

Jisung shrieked as he, too, jumped away from the floor, perched on the countertop. "Not a chance, bitch! No way in hell am I getting near that thing."

"Why the fuck is everyone screaming?" Seungmin asked as he walked into Felix's kitchen. And then he saw it, and he scrambled toward the kitchen table where he stood on a chair. "What is that thing?!" He yelled.

All three of them continued freaking out as the bug skittered its way around the kitchen. They spent another ten minutes or so screaming before Felix's mom walked in wearing her pyjamas and fluffy pink slippers. She looked up at her son and his friends, glaring at them as she lifted her foot and brought it back down hard on the bug before stomping off to go back to sleep.

"Great," Felix cried, "Now we're gonna have a ghost bug in the house. If I die this week, you two know who it was: the vengeful spirit of this bug."

All three boys walked up to Felix's room and sat down on his bed, exhausted from their collective panic over the bug. The three of them fell asleep, but were woken up a few hours later by Hyunjin as he sprinted into Felix's room and jumped onto the boy's bed, landing on all of the three who were asleep. They woke up shouting and smacking Hyunjin for disturbing their rest. He continued bothering them until they all got up and finished getting ready for the party.

hey babes!! first of all, happy birthday to jisung, and second of all, i'm sorry i haven't updated in two months. there's an update today, an update tomorrow, and an update on seungmin's birthday. on seungmin's birthday i'll also be posting a thank you and a bonus chapter, but this book is nearing its end. thank you for your continued support <3

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