You Dont Get Me

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No , you don't understand , stop telling me you do
You don't understand the voices yelling in my head
You don't understand , how hard it is to talk to you
Or how some things are way better left unsaid

A few days ago I told you that I feared incompetence
But last night you kissed me before I ended my sentence
You know that dismissed questions drive me crazy
But lately the only thing you've been saying is nevermind baby

You always hear me but you never really listen
If you did , this whole thing could be different
But man my words are all going to waste
I'm not going to watch you blame this on fate

why'd you ask me what's the reason to my stress
When i'd spill my guts and you'd call it a mess ?
Why would you insist on knowing why I'm upset
When after I tell you something , you force it to become a thing I regret ?

I don't want my love going to waste
Sometimes the best thing isn't fate
I don't want my hurt going to waste
Baby , you only need me when it's too late

Don't ask me why I cry ,
If your curiosity is the only thing that makes you want to try

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