Im just tryna cuddle

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"I'm just tryna cuddle" I said

Her neck felt so warm in my hands I had a firm grip around her throat, and I could see her lost and questioning what I was gonna do next.

"What do you want?" I asked

"You know what I want" she said
I tightened my grip

"What do you want?" I asked again
She smiled and bit her lips as I looked in her eyes
They were darker and filled with lust I knew exactly what she wanted but I wanted to hear what she wanted

I move my face close to hers almost to touching her lips still looking into her eyes

I rub my hand against her panties once

"I'm gonna ask once more mama, what is you want?" I tilt my head slightly to the right

She bites on her lip again

She moans softly as she lets out her words
"You" she said

I smirked

"How tho cause I'm here and I thought we finna cuddle" I said
"Yea so let's cuddle then" she said smirking

"Deadass?" I asked confused
"Well if you're really tryna cuddle me then okay" she said

So I left go of my grip and spoon her again.

I'm holding her and feel her back up on me again

"You know what I wanted" she said
I stayed silent and smirked as I looked off at her wall again

I waited about 10 minutes as we just listened to the songs on her playlist

At this point I've heard every song on the playlist from all the times she's played it with me

I slide my hand down her stomach reaching her pantie band. I move down even more finally reaching her pussy.

I hear Billie's change of breath

She was soaking. I slowly move my fingers in a circular motion as I feel billie grinding on my fingers.

"Mhmm" I hear slip out of Billie

I slide my finger in as she gasps and changes her speed of breath once again. I bite my lip as she says my name

"Fuck Brandon.." she moans
I kissed on her neck as I could feel her throbbing her breathing speed up

"No dont cum" I said whispering in her ear
"Not yet baby, lemme see how much you wanted this" I said

"Uh fuck b-b-bran- I can't" she stutters
I smirked and grabbed on to her throat

"I said not yet" I said speeding up my fingers

She grabs my hand and crosses her legs

I bit her ear
"Do you wanna cum?" I whispered
"Mhmm" she whines I could feel her legs shake

"Are you sure mami?"
"I don't know if you are" I said pushing him harder and deeper
She was still holding onto my hand in her

"Fuck please, please daddy" she asked
I smirked
"Cum for me then"  I say to her

My whole hand was covered as she came hard, moaning loud, as I still continued to finger her hard.

She turned around and started to immediately make out with me. I felt her hand rub on me.

I felt her moans in between our breaths

She put her hands in my briefs feeling touching my dick

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