Start of the Sports Festival

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As the H/C haired teen was walking towards his classroom, he can't helped to be nervous at this particular day. He is well prepared and well trained by two of the legendary riders, but why does he feel nervous about it?

His thoughts were broken away once he reached his classroom, taking a deep sigh as he walked inside, seeing a couple of his classmates chatting as he made his way to his desk, sitting down as he tries to focus his thoughts on the festival.

As moments gone by, the class started to get seated as the day started with Aizawa walking inside the room as he gave out some announcements before the festival starts, mainly this was more like a pep talk from their homeroom teacher as they listen.

As the announcement was done, the class started to head out of the classroom, only to be greeted by the mass amount of students that was near their room.

Y/N: What the hell? What is going on here!

He said as he saw the students blocking their path out as he struggles to walk properly.

Kirishima: They might be scouting the competition, of course, we were in the middle of the villain attack, so that must be a reason.

The red haired teen said as Y/N was too busy to even problem it as he walk, bumping onto someone as he looks at the figure.

Y/N: Sorry about that.

???: None taken.

The figure said as he studied the person in front of him. He has a patch of messy black hair and a pair of red eyes as he stares down at Y/N.

Y/N: I'm Y/N, and you are?

Jack: Jack Storm, pleasure is all mine.

Y/N: Right, so, you here to scout the competion?

Jack: Yeah, I've got already have my eyes on someone.

He said as he keeps his look on Y/N as he was curiously looking at him.

Jack: Kidding! I'll see ya in the field. Good luck!

He said as he walked passed him, leaving the H/N haired teen curious as he went to the locker rooms to change. This was going to be a long day for him and the other students, of course, he have to transform for him to even win the festival. He is determined to win the festival, one way or the other.

He entered a room where it was labeled "1-A" meaning that it was there waiting room. As he went inside he decided to change into his gym clothes, since it was going to be held in the campus, there is no reason to wear their hero costumes. As he finishes up, one by one the students walked inside, exchanging greetings or just waiting for the event to start.

As Y/N was fixing himself up, the door opened up, revealing that it was the class president, Iida who had checked them up on.

Iida: Everyone, are you ready? We will be entering soon.

This got their attention as everyone gets ready, not until Y/N saw Todoroki walking over to Midoriya with his hand in his pocket.

Todoroki: Midoriya...

Midoriya: Todoroki? What is it?

This caught the attention of everyone as all eyes were locked on the two of them, Y/N on the other hand, was intrigued by this as he looks at them.

Todoroki: Looking at things objectively, I think I'm stronger than you.

Midoriya: Huh? Y-Yeah...

Todoroki: But... All Might has his eye on you, doesn't he? I'm not trying to pry about that. But I'm going to beat you.

There was silence in the air as the tension in the atmosphere grew thick as Y/N just watched the whole declaration of Todoroki winning.

Denki: Oh? Is the best in the class making a declaration of war.

He said as Kirishima stood up from his seat, heading over to Todoroki.

Kirishima: Hey, hey, hey! Why are you picking a fight all of a sudden? Not now, when we are about to start.

Todoroki shrugged him off as Kirishima flinched a little bit.

Todoroki: We're not here to play at being friends. So what does it matter?

He said as he started to walk away, not until Y/N finally spoke up.

Y/N: You're right, we are not here to play at being friends.

He said as Todoroki stopped walking away, waiting to hear Y/N's voice about the situation.

Y/N: But that doesn't mean that we won't be giving our all at the festival.

He said as he walked over towards Todoroki, the other's were all eyes on Y/N as Todoroki looks at him.

Todoroki: That goes for you too, I'm going to beat you. Kamen Rider or not, you're not still worth my time.

He said as the others were surprised by this as the tension grew even more, as Momo speaks up.

Momo: Todoroki, that is very harsh-

Y/N: Stop it Momo.

He said as Momo was surprised at Y/N, knowing that he will try and sort this out, but he wasn't.

Y/N: Then prove it to me that I'm not worth my while, in the finals, fight me like you want to. But make no mistake.

He said as he started to walk away, heading to the door as he bumped his shoulder.

Y/N: Or I will make you eat those very words that you even said.

And with that he went outside, waiting for his class to follow him. This was the first time they saw Y/N in a serious mood, it might be the things had Todoroki said.

The H/C haired teen found himself waiting for them as he saw a familiar figure from earlier.

Jack: Looks like someone is focused.

Y/N: Yeah, lets just say that I am motivated to win this one.

Jack: Sounds cool! But I have to warn you though, I'm going to be winning this one for my class.

Y/N: We'll see about that, may be best student win.

He said as they both nodded and went to their respective classes, getting ready to walk out of the waiting area. As they were on the pathway, the cheers of the crowd was strong as they waited for the festival to begin.

Present Mic: It's time for the students to enter the first-year stage!

At the sound of Present Mic's voice the students started to walk out, feeling everyone's cheering them on. Y/N was focused and ready to take on the challenges in the festival, even if it costs him his secret identity.

"I'm going to win this festival with everything I've got!"

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