Chapter 18

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I picked on my nails nervously as I stared at myself in the mirror while Cole was also getting ready.

I was staring at myself in the mirror. I couldn't stop thinking about what Cole told me. How dangerous is his father?

I have to get ready for the worst.

"You ready?" Cole asked.

I nodded slowly.

He attached the leash to my collar and led me out of the room.

I haven't been out of the house for weeks... It feels so good to feel natural air...

I almost feel like I'm free again..

We got into a black limo...

A limo? Seriously?

What's so special in it? It takes up so much space but people still use it?

I thought..

Soon, the journey to Cole's dad's home begun...

I fell asleep after some hours..


Someone tugged on my leash gently... I groaned as I rubbed my eyes...

I looked up at the person tugging on my leash... Cole.

He looked pissed off. He must have tried to wake me several times.

I stepped out of the limo and adjusted my short dress.

Before me stood a magnificent house... It was bigger than Cole's house and it had a castle like structure.

Cole cleared his throat... I realized that my jaw was dropped... I quickly closed my mouth

'Remember everything I taught you'

Cole's voice rang in my head...

How's he doing that?

I nodded.

We started walking... I was dreading the fact that I was actually going to see the pureblood vampire king.

Cole tugged on my leash harshly.

I realized that my pace was slow so I increased my pace.

We got into the house or castle.. Whatever.

And then a big door that led to a large room opened.

My jaw dropped once more but I quickly closed my mouth back

"You're here ". A female voice cooed.

I heard Cole snort.

A pretty young woman appeared beside Cole and wrapped her arms around his arms

"I really missed you". She said, cooing into the already pissed off Cole's ear.

"Nicholas.." A deep scary voice said.

Cole froze for a second.

So his full name is Nicholas...

A man with golden eyes appeared.

He screamed so much venom, this scared me a lot.

He must be Cole's father.

Cole's eyes were stone cold.

He stiffly bowed.

His dad smirked then his eyes shifted to me.

"You got yourself a pet uh? How come I never heard?" He said.

"We're here now so what do you want?" Cole asked rudely.

"Mmm... Since you wanna know why you're here, I'll tell you. I want you to meet someone and I want us to all about your coming off age ceremony".

"We've done that already".

"But we didn't speak about your pet's involvement".

"I don't want to involve her". Cole said sternly.

"We both know that we have to... That's why you got a pet in the first place right?"

"I bought her because I needed a companion and not for a stupid coming off age ceremony!"

"Watch your tongue son... Pets don't have a value so why should you care?" He asked suspiciously.

"You don't expect me to drain a pet which cost a whole fortune do you?"

"So it's a special pet huh?"

"Drop it! I don't know where you're heading but whatever you're up to, just stop it cause you won't get any answers".

Coke said, trying to contain his anger. He walked away tugging on my leash harshly.

Whatever this is, it won't be good since it involves draining my blood.

I've gotten myself in a big mess... I should have escaped when I had the chance to.

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