Chapter 17

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Cole's POV

I'll forget about the kiss and just approach her normally...

It's been five days since the kiss and I haven't talked to Brittany... I have to talk to her 'cause we'll be going to see my father in two days and she has to put on the best behavior as a pet.

I stared at the pile of clothes on the couch in my office.

She has to pick one out of them... I know the clothes are too small and tight for her but she has to wear them.

I'll give her the chance to pick out of the five choices I have here...

All the clothes show a little or no dignity.

I'm feeling really sorry that she has to wear this clothes.

I picked up the clothes and walked to my room.


Brittany's POV

I stared at the clothes that Cole brought for me. I have to choose one out of these shabby looking clothes.

We'll be going to visit Cole's dad in two days... I almost forgot about that.

I looked at the clothes one last time before choosing a red dress that reached just under my butts with two tiny straps. That was the only dress that had little modesty in it.

I chose a plain black collar with red rose designs to go with my red dress.

I felt like a complete whore wearing the dress.

Cole didn't look happy about it either but there was lust in his eyes when he looked at me in my tiny dress.

I mean, it's not his fault.

He gave me an ankle bracelet to wear with it.

"Thank you". I said.

He nodded.

"Now you have to learn the rules". He said.

"You shouldn't talk to anyone even if they're talking about you. You should only speak when you are asked a question". He said.

I nodded.

"Also, avoid looking into a vampire's eyes for too long". He said. "When my dad asks you questions, keep your tone as soft as possible 'cause he'll ask some questions to get a reaction out of you. No matter how annoying his questions may be, you have to show him respect or you don't know what your punishment may be..."

He continued to tell me the do's and dont's for like thirty minutes before walking to the couch.

I walked to the window, staring at the bright blue sky and letting the awkward silence consume me.


The feel of his hand on my skin made me jerk back to life.

"We need to talk". He said.

"You've told me all I need to know and I understand everything perfectly master". I said, bowing my head in respect.

"Not about that, it's about what happened some days ago".

Oh, that's right, the kiss.

I nodded slowly.

"I know everything got awkward after the kiss. I don't like the awkwardness between us, I can't stand it anymore. Let's just act like it never happened. Can you do that?"

Yeah, I know and I've been trying to do that for the past few days but the thought of the feel of his tongue on mine kept creeping into my mind no matter how hard I try to push it away.

I can't help falling in love, I really can't.

Call me cheesy, I don't care.

I nodded slowly.

"You sure?". He asked. His intimidating blue eyes staring directly into mine.

I nodded firmly this time. He truth was that I wasn't sure if I could do it. Pretending has been really hard for me

"Good. So what do you say we go downstairs to have dinner today?" He asked with a huge smile spread across his face.

Sounds amazing.

I was getting bored of staying in a huge room all alone since Cole didn't come to the room as often as before anymore.

He smiled.

"I'm gonna take you somewhere after we come back from my dad's place. So get ready".

Okay, that got me curious. I really can't wait.

"Wait, a minute, I got something for you. It'll make your life a little less boring". He said.

I know my life's a boring mess. You can't really blame me for that.

He brought out a novel and a medium sized note and handed it over to me.

"Ehmm, I'll buy new novels for you when you're done with the old ones. You can use the note to jot down new words or something... Whatever you wanna use it for". He said before checking his wristwatch. "Sorry, gotta go. I have some documents to attend to". He said and left.

I love novels but I can also use the book for my songs.

Then I'll have my own songbook.


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