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It was rather strange.

Yoongi and Jimin exchanged darkened looks as Jungkook brought Taehyung back, virtually unharmed. They expected at least some attempt of opposition, however they encountered absolutely nothing.

In fact, as Jungkook sat on his saddled horse with Taehyung behind him, the two of his arms wrapped around the Prince, he looked over at his brother who hoisted himself up onto his own saddle.

"Do you think Father's given up?" he asked skeptically, although his thoughts were confirmed as his elder brother shook his head.

"No. I don't understand," he said, his voice laced with defeat. "We need to leave anyhow," Yoongi urged, peering his head out the stable door. "It's almost sunset. They'll be going over to plan the execution now."

With that, the four boys left, Taehyung remaining quiet as he only tightened his grip around Jungkook's body, burying his head into the crook of his neck. Inhaling the Prince's scent, he instantly felt calmer after craving his touch for the past two days. Being locked away in the cell forcefully had made him realise something: he did indeed love Jungkook. He loved him so much, that if the moment came to it Taehyung would've chosen his execution rather than forgetting the intimate moments he'd shared with the younger.

"Are you okay, baby?" Jungkook muttered softly, turning his head back slightly to look at the boy behind him. Keeping a firm hold against the reins of the horse, Jungkook urged it to move slightly faster, desperately wanting to leave the palace as quick as he could.

"I'm fine," the elder responded, deciding against mentioning the throbbing sensation present in his head. "I just wanna leave, Kook."

"We're going, darling," Jungkook reassured, looking back at the retreating palace as he went further and further away.

He was well-aware this would most likely be the very last time he'd be amongst the castle, however he failed to feel any ounce of sadness. In fact, the idea of him finally being able to spend his life with Taehyung was far more appealing than anything else.

"We're approaching the gate, Kook. Keep your head low, and cover up Taehyung's too," Yoongi spoke up minutes later, as the four boys neared the palace gates. This caused Jungkook to immediately pull his cloak over his eyes, making sure the blue-haired did the same, in order to make sure absolutely no one knew he was fleeing the palace.

Once they reached the entrance, Yoongi took the lead, digging his heels into the side of his horse to prompt it to begin trotting over to the nearest guard.

"Namjoon," he said, immediately recognising the man standing ahead. It was evident relief was present in his tone of voice as he signalled back towards the others. "I have a few people I need to transfer out. King's orders," he said confidently.

"Of course, Yoongi," the guard said, beginning to pull the lever down which slowly began opening up either side of the large gate. "Go on ahead."

Yoongi sent him over a grateful look, knowing far too well Namjoon wasn't one to pry. He waited until his own boyfriend, brother and Taehyung had gone through, all of them mumbling a small "thank you" to the guard out of politeness before they were on their way again.

A tense silence befell over the four men like a cloud. Jimin and Yoongi could sense something was very much indeed wrong. The plan had been enacted far too smoothly than either one of them could even dream for. Either their Father was absolutely oblivious or he knew what they were doing.

"Yoongs, I think we-" Jungkook began moments later, once they'd managed to put a decent amount of distance between them and the palace. However, he felt himself being immediately cut off by the appearance of a hooded figure coming from the side of the road to stand in front of them.

Jungkook stared on at the stranger in dread, desperately fearing it was his Father who'd come to oppose them, which caused him to slide off his horse immediately, slipping his sword out his sheath.

"Show yourself," he stated firmly, pointing the tip of his sword in the direction of the black-cloaked figure. A moment of silence lingered in the air around them, before the stranger pulled back the hood, revealing their face.

It was Jennie Kim.

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