PE teacher

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*Buzz buzz*

My own phone scares the crap out of me as I get a notification. It's Hani. She texted me.

'O. M. G. Y/n, you will never believe what happened while you were sick! Trust me, you won't be dissapointed in what you hear!'

What is it about now?

Sometimes, when Hani texts me like this, in the middle of the night, a Sunday night.
It's either she likes another guy at school, or she got a good grade, which rarely happens, or maybe she has found another guy for me that I might be interested in. I hate when she sets me up on meetings with guys I don't even know.
As I said, it's Sunday night, so I was getting ready to go to school the next morning. It was around 10 PM, which is usually when I go to bed for school.
My phone vibrates again with notifications, so I expected Hani's text, but those were my Instagram notifications. Another person followed me and even texted me.

MYG_93: Hey. I think I know you from somewhere. Wanna chat? Maybe I do know you.

I have never known anyone with that nickname, so it was definitely some creepy stranger that stalks my profile.
I ignored the message and turned off my phone so I could go to sleep.


*Beep beep beep beep*

And time to get up.

The nights go by pretty fast, don't you think? Somehow, for me, it seems like my dreams only last a couple of seconds before my alarm wakes me up.
Not even a second passes by when I get a text message.
It was from that stranger again.

MYG_93: You didn't answer me last night, but you're online. Come on, answer me.

I got enough of that stranger that didn't give up when I first ignored him, so I blocked him.
There, no more messages from that person.
With that, I continued on with my morning routine, hoping nothing ruins my ruins my morning again.


'Hey, bestie!' Hani screamed excitedly as she hugged me.

'Okay, Hani, I love you, too, but seriously, you're squishing my lungs.' I said and she pulled away with a giggle.

'So... did you read my text?'

'Yeah, what is it that you had to tell me?' I asked her and she blushed. 'Is it one of your "soulmates" again?'

'No, it's something else. We got a new PE teacher.' She said, a happy screech following.

A new teacher?
I wonder...

'He's, like, the most handsome man EVER. This is him.' She said as she showed me her phone.

' She said as she showed me her phone

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I died on the spot. How can that hot human be our teacher?! A PHYSICS teacher?!

'Okay, is this seriously another prank of yours? For God's sake, do you know what girls in this school might do when they see him-'

I was interrupted in the middle of my sentence when loud screams started echoing through the hallways.
Fangirls were everywhere, with their phones in their hands, filming whatever they filmed.
Luckily, half of those girls were shorter than both me and Hani, so we could see what happened.
When we looked in front, I blinked a few times and regretted for doing anything.
It was our PE teacher.
Is he a famous idol or something?!

'Why are they all freaking out? It's not like he's an idol or something.' I said and Hani shot me a shocked glare.

'He IS a famous idol! This is his part time job!' She said.

Well, my life was beautiful. Not anymore, I guess.
All the girls were head over heals for him. I felt like such a noob for not knowing who he really is.
I then went to my locker to get my books to freshen up my mind when I suddenly realized the schedule.
It was the new schedule our principal posted for our class and I was shocked.

First class: Math, Mrs. Lee Seonji
Second class: English, Mr. Kang Taemin
Third class: PE, Mr. Jeon Jungkook
Fourth class: Biology, Mrs. Lee Jeehee.
Fifth class: Dance, Mr. Lee Hanbin
Sixth class: Drama, Mr. Kim Taehyung

That was only Monday.
I have PE every freaking day! In Mr. Jeon's class! I even heard that our drama teacher is an idol, too.
Okay, so basically, I come to school - nothing happens.
I get sick and don't come for a day and BAM! We already have lots of stuff that changed.
This is all insane.
To think that I will have PE class every single day, a hot teacher teaching us, nope.
I am definitely done with my life.
I really don't know how this all is going to work out.

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