Chapter 26- You What!!! ❤️

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I take a deep breath in as I finish my last sentence

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I take a deep breath in as I finish my last sentence. All the faces in the room are filled with shock, anger and confusion. I step back to lean on the counter as one of my sons step forward.

"Jamie, how old was he? When, you know!" Emmet says as he sits down on one of the chairs at our dining table.
"Urm, he was... 5.." I say, tears starting to fill my eyes.
"HOW THE HELL COULD YOU, KILL A 5 YEAR OLD!" Dyaln yelled in my face. I looked down. I'm a monster. The realisation hit me like a ton of bricks.
"How did we not know..." Mike muttered, but loud enough for me to hear him.
"Non of you was alive then, he was 2 years older than Dyaln." I say quietly, but Mike hears and I hear another gasp escape his mouth. He quickly covers it and we all sit in silence.
"We will talk about this when we are all better and when we are back together again, but right now, our main priority is Rose and we need to find her!" Brandon says as he jumps of the counter behind me then, the door bell rung. I rushed to the door and swung it oen with no hesitation. There, stood a tall boy with jet black hair. He smiled at me and I slumped to the door.
"Can I help you?" I ask, and he smirked at me. He got his phone and looked at me.
"Hi, I'm Aiden, one of Rosabells friends!" He says.
"I heard she was missing, and I want to help find her anyway I can!" He says as he puts his hand out. I shake it and gesture for him to come in. He looks around and meets the eyes of my sons.
"They are quite sensitive right now, just be careful!" I whisper in his ear as I pat his shoulder. He nods and I walk back into the kitchen. Then, the phone rings again. I rush to it but Dylan gets there first and picks it up.
"Yes, yes oh good. Yes, we will do!" He says as he ends the call. He looks at me and then at the rest.
"They think they know where she is being kept!" He says, slowly as he sits down. I nod and sit next to him.
"Shall we, go or stay here just in case!" I say as I look at me wife. She shrugs, and rubs her temples. I sigh.
"We need to stay here, they said they will call us if they find her!" Dylan says as he starts to make his way upstairs. I sigh and look at the boy who had just enterd.
"What was the location where they think she is?" He asks just before Dylan disappears upstairs.
"Her kidnapper took her up town further into Cali. Near Aston Road (totally made up), about 1 hour away." Dylan says as he turn and walks up stairs. I sigh and sit down once again.
"Well, I better be going but I'll be thinking about Rose!" He says as Emmet shows him out. I put my head in my hand and I can fell my eyes slowly closing, letteing sleep take me. Me hoping that Rose will be safe.
Sorry I have not updated this in a while. My mental health is not in the right place right now, I guess I just needed a little break! - PurpleSlothStories ❤️

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