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Here I was struggling to breathe. My leg was bleeding heavily. I don't know where I am in the rainforest. The rusted leg-trap has clamped hard on my leg, and I cannot free myself. The birds on the trees hoot in mockery. Not one soul came to help me. Will I die here? Will a jaguar feed on me? I had no sense of hope, not one soul to keep me company in those moments. I looked at the trap; It seemed abandoned. I lost hope that anyone would come and find me. The fact that the trap was rusted meant that no hunter came to visit it, to find out if there was any prey. I had no hope of being rescued. I was lost. As I lay there, trapped, I thought about every event that led to me getting trapped. I waited for a beast to come and shred me to death, to free me from my pain.

- A character from this novel.

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