Chapter 8: Stalking a Stark and a Spider

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The school day seemed to drag on, you were itching to get into the lab and work on something. Anything. I mean, it's Tony Stark's lab. You spotted nano tech in there! Who wouldn't want to mess with the stuff that your watch is made out of? It'd also be cool to meet some more people there, like the rest of your floormates.

"Earth to Y/n!" Ned waved a hand in front of your face and your eyes shot up to him.

"What?" You and Peter said in unison. Ned and you both gave him a look. Truth is, Peter was zoned out looking at you, but neither you nor Ned had noticed.

"Y/n, you were staring into space and apparently so was Peter." Ned chuckled.

"Sorry about that." You smiled.

"Yeah, sorry." Peter mumbled.

"How's living at the Tower?" Ned asked you.

"Amazing," You beamed, and Peter smiled at your reaction, "I have a huge room that's on the same floor as Carol, James, Sam, and Wanda! Isn't that awesome?"

"Who are they?"

"Captain Marvel, The Winter Soldier or Bucky Barnes, Falcon, and Scarlett Witch." Peter answered for you.

"Ohhhh." Ned nodded, understanding, "That's so cool!" He cheered.

"Yeah, but I haven't met Carol or Wanda yet, hell, I haven't even met Pepper." You smiled, feeling a warmth inside, that you've never felt before.

"Won't your parents miss you?" Ned asked and Peter kicked him under the table, hard, "Sorry." He mumbled, wincing at the pain.

"No, it's okay." You nodded, giving a sad smile, "But they won't." You practically mumbled, looking back down at the lunch you hadn't touched yet.

"I'm coming by after school, want to walk together?" Peter asked and you looked up, your good mood returning.

"Yes!" You cheered which made him grin.

"That's, that's cool." He couldn't stop smiling.

"I can show you my room." You thought out loud and looked up at their reactions, probably noticing how weird that sounded, "Because it's huge and that way we might be able to spot someone on the same floor." You winced, hoping they'd ignore the weirdness and thankfully they did.

"Imagine if you saw Spider-man walking around." Ned laughed.

"He actually came to my room last night." You nodded, not getting what was so funny, especially when Peter kicked Ned again, making him stop.

"Did he really?" Ned asked with a smirk.

"Yeah, well he brought me there and wanted to make sure I was...settled." You gave a tight smile, knowing that wasn't the full truth, but you were hoping Peter didn't tell Ned about the 'accident' with your mom. You didn't want to worry him, and he didn't really know about your previous living situation. He knew enough.

"That was nice of him." Peter commented.

"Yeah, he seems like a good person. Just a little..." You trailed off thinking of the right word.

"A little?" Peter asked, taking a drink of his soda.

"I don't know the right word." You admitted.

"Tell us what you think about him." Ned insisted, getting a confused look from Peter.

"He feels oddly familiar. Well, that's what I thought at first, but he has this awkward confidence about him." You thought out loud.

"Awkward confidence?" Ned pressed.

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