Kenma x reader

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(A/n: so I wrote this with my best friend FeniceFelicia . I love youuu)

1. When Kenma misses you:

You were in America visiting your grandparents over the holidays.

Kenma was in his room missing the presence of his girlfriend. He missed your smile, your touch, your voice and everything else.

A week later, Kenma rode a taxi to pick you up at the airport.
He was waiting in front of a cafe in the airport when he heard the voice of the girl he was missing.

You exclaimed as you approched his lean figure.

Upon hearing your voice the boy turned towards you and got engulfed in a tight hug which he quickly returned.

"I missed you!"
You exclaimed and flashed him a huge smile.

Kenma's face flushed and he avoided your gaze as he pat your head and muttered: "I miss you too.❤️"

2. When he's jealous:

It's break time.

You were eating with Kuroo without your boyfriend.

Both of you were talking about how Yaku tried to copy Nishinoya's rolling thunder and failed miserably.

By the end of your discussion, both of you were laughing out loud.

Your boyfriend, Kenma, who happened to pass by saw this and got jealous.

He was too shy to confront you about it.

So, after school your boyfriend confronted you about how he feel on the way home.

You ended of laughing at his adorableness and ruffled his yellow hair.

"Can I have a hug, please?"
Kenma mumbled.

You then rushed over to him and crushed him in bear hug.

"Of course silly!"

3. When he wants your attention:

You're in Kenma's house watching a movie. It was a Korean drama.

You were too engrossed to the drama somuch until you forgot about your boyfriend.

Kenma was frustrated and wanted you lr attention.


You didn't hear him.


Again you were so focused that you didn't hear him.

He got more frustrated by the second.

He turned off the TV and called you again.


Upset that your watching session was disturbed, you turned to Kenma and asked,


He look down at his lap and shyly mumbled: "I wanted to spend time with you..."

Seeing your boyfriend's flushed expression your heart instantly melted as you enveloped him in one of your hugs that he loved so dearly.

"I'm sorry for ignoring you. Now how about we go and do something together."

Hearing those words, Kenma's face lit up and he flashed a heartwarming smile at you before he nodded.

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