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Jungkook grabbed essentials from his room, shoving them into bags of all sorts although he made sure to minimise how many items he packed due to the fact he knew him and Taehyung would be going on horse.

"Are you all set?" Jimin asked, glancing around at the few bundles strewn across the boy's mattress.

"I think so."

He kept the conversation at a minimum, feeling far too sick to his stomach to engage in small talk with Jimin. His mind was continuously plagued with the image of Taehyung, hence why he constantly felt dismal. All he wished for was to be amongst the boy's presence, knowing he was safe and sound.

"I need to do something first," Jungkook stated, turning to face the servant. "Take this stuff down to the stables. Yoongi will meet you there," he ordered, before pacing over towards the door.

"Don't get yourself into trouble," Jimin murmured, looking back over at the Prince, who was midway out of the door. "We need to take him out quickly and quietly. Don't draw excess attention."

With a curt nod, Jungkook continued his departure, closing his bedroom door behind him. The Prince strode down towards the central courtroom, where he knew Jeon would be. Clenching his fists, the male refused to knock out of politeness, simply forcing open the door, to which his eyes immediately fixated upon his Father, who was sitting on his throne, apparently studying the parchment he clutched in his hand.

"Jeon," Jungkook stated loudly, announcing his presence. This caused his Father's gaze to fly up towards him, before his lips formed an ignorant smirk.

"I was wondering when you'd finally show up," the elder said, setting down the parchment he held. "You must be worrying about your boy toy, hm?"

Jungkook set his jaw, inhaling a deep breath. He attempted to settle the deep anger rising within him, knowing far too well that if he blew up, his Father may easily speed the execution noted down to occur tonight.

"You must be embarrassed about how I managed to hide my secret from you for so long," Jungkook challenged back, a proud glint in his eyes. "Seeing as though you invited Jennie over whilst I was with her servant. How shameful, Father."

"You're a disgrace to the line, boy," the King spat out, standing up from his throne in intense fury. "You've shamed no one but yourself."

"How embarrassing must it be explaining to the royals how your son like boys? Is that what you want to hear, Jeon? I like men."

Jungkook, evidently satisfied with the furious wreck he'd left his Father in, turned his back against the King, preparing to leave the courtroom. He took one last look at his enraged parent, sending him over an icy glare before slamming the door of the room shut, letting out a baited breath once he'd shut himself out.

He unclenched his taut hands, running them through his hair as he did so. Jungkook glances over at the clock pinned up against the wall of the hallway. He had approximately two minutes to meet Yoongi outside the door to the dungeons, hence why he hurried over towards the intended destination, not wanting to waste any time.

They needed to not draw any attention to either of them, which is why once standing outside the door, nerves fluttering inside his stomach, the boy immediately noticed two cloaks in his brother's hand.

"What is that for?" he asked warily, although he took one almost immediately after Yoongi handed it over to him.

"Once you get him," the elder Prince said confidently, not doubting the fact they'd be successful. "No one can notice you leaving the palace. The moment they see you leaving they'll alert Father."

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