Chapter 13

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Lucy was helping Donna price stuff for the upcoming sale to help raise funds for one of O's victims. She kept looking up to see if Harry had arrived.

"Is everything okay, hon?" Donna asked her.

"Yeah. Everything's fine. I was just wondering if we were going to get more big ticket items. It's easier to make money that way."

"Well Harry said he had a few families that were going to donate some old dressers and tables," Donna answered. "I hope it doesn't rain too much today. Otherwise no one will come out tomorrow. It'll be too muddy."

Lucy gave a sigh of relief. She really wanted to talk to Harry about her old desk that she found the journal in. She looked out the window and grimaced. She didn't care for rainy weather. She used to not care what the weather was like but when you had to start walking to bus stops, rain became a nuisance. "Yeah, I hope it doesn't rain too much either."

Twenty minutes later, Harry came rambling down the road in a large truck. Donna smiled at Lucy, "The furniture is here! Hopefully he got some good items we can sell to really help that family out."

"Hey Donna. I got a few tables and even an old dresser," Harry said as he came forward holding a pair of old table lamps. "It's starting to sprinkle so the boys are gonna hurry and unload in here."

Lucy watched as Harry and a couple of his friends carried the furniture in. She stepped closer to him and cleared her throat, "Harry do you remember that rummage sale we had a few weeks back?"

He nodded, "Sure. Donna asked me to pick up as many donations as we could."

"Well I'm asking you about it because I actually bought an old desk from the sale but I was wondering where it came from," Lucy explained.

"An old desk?" Harry asked scratching his head as he tried to remember.

"Yeah. It was really old. Almost like an antique."

"Hmmm...if it was an antique it must've come from the old Forester Estate."


Harry nodded, "We picked up a lot of old furniture from an estate sale. The owner was Camilla Forester. She died all alone."

"She didn't have any children?" Lucy asked.

Harry shook his head, "She had a daughter but she lives in Chicago with her husband. Camilla was all alone except for the neighbor's boy. He would always visit her. She used to call him her adopted grandson they were so close. Her daughter asked for everything that wasn't sold at the estate sale to be donated to the church."

"You said she died alone...but the neighbor boy was around, right?"

"As I recollect, he moved away several years ago. He stopped visiting her as much. Poor Mrs. Forester was all alone these past few years."

"So no one else is living in Mrs. Forester's home right now?"

"Not that I know of. The house is deserted except for boxes of personal mementos that the daughter plans to pick up next time she comes down this way. At least that's what the guy running the estate sale told me. He had us clear the house out for the rummage sale. We just left the personal items behind."

Lucy nodded, "So you think that desk came from Mrs. Forester's home?"

"It's possible. Why do you ask?"

Lucy shrugged, pretending the information wasn't important to her, "No reason. It's just a beautiful desk. I wanted to know who owned it before me."

"Well I don't remember exactly but if I had to bet money on it...I'd say it came from the Forester Estate."

Lucy thanked him after getting the exact address of Camilla Forester's old home. When Donna was satisfied that everything had been priced for the garage sale she wanted to have the following day, she offered to give Lucy a ride home.

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