That One Time We First Met

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The next day soon rolled around, which meant that it was Emma's first day of school. Waking up, up she took a shower then put on a black shirt and pair of jeans, hoping to blend in as best as she could.

 Waking up, up she took a shower then put on a black shirt and pair of jeans, hoping to blend in as best as she could

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After finishing her light makeup, Emma wiped her clammy hands on her pants then walked toward the kitchen to see Happy Hogan waiting. Soon Pepper walked in and handed Emma a backpack full of supplies.

"Ok," Pepper started. "So you will most likely see Peter Parker today at school. He has an 'internship' with Tony. Play along and go with the same story. I expect you not to cause any trouble. He's a nice boy."

So his name was Peter. It was nice to put a name to the boy behind the mask. Emma nodded her head. "I will try my best but no promises."

Pepper just laughed and pushed her out the door with Happy following suit. After making conversation with Happy for about 10 minutes on the way there, the car finally pulled up outside of Midtown School of Science.

Wringing her shaking hands, Emma stepped out of the car and headed into the school. She looked around trying to find the school office to get her schedule but it was no where to be seen. Suddenly a boy popped out right in front of her. "Hi! I'm Ned! What's your name?"

The boy had a huge goofy smile on his face and Emma couldn't help but smile also. "I'm Emma nice to meet you"

"Are you new here? I haven't seen a girl as pretty as you in a long time" Ned said blushing

She laughed and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "Ya I'm here on an internship with Tony Stark"

Ned's face lit up at this. "Oh! My best friend Peter also has an internship with him! Do you know him?"

Right after he said this Emma heard a voice behind her which sounded all too familiar. "Uh Ned are we gonna go to class?"

Emma's heart started beating faster. She had never seen him out of his superhero costume. It was also weird that she was going to be seeing the person who had been the sole focus of her thoughts for the past few days.

Emma turned around and made eye contact with possibly the cutest boy she had seen in her whole life. Recognition flashed through his eyes.

"You" was all he said

"You" Emma said back slowly

Then Ned broke them out of their trance. "Oh so two do know each other. Great! Emma can hang with us, right Peter?"

Peter tore his eyes off of Emma to look at Ned. "Uh-h yeah, yeah sure" He said placing his eyes on Emma again.

Emma decided to change the subject because you could cut the awkward tension with a butter knife. "Great, so can you guys show me where the counselor's office is?"

Peter nodded his head. "I'll take you"

Emma nodded and said goodbye to Ned as Peter started walking. She ran to catch up with him and they silently walked until Peter started up a conversation. "What are you doing here?" he said semi-harshly

"It's a school Peter, I came here to learn."

Peter rolled his eyes. "You're a fugitive. I saw you almost die. You should be in a prison with the rest of those people."

This made Emma's blood boil. She stopped abruptly and turned to face him. "Excuse me, but Mr.Stark took me out of there. And all you do is listen to every word he says. You know nothing about what happened Peter"

"Maybe not, but I do know that you being here will just cause trouble."

"If anyone is causing trouble, it's you. I will find the office myself. See you later Peter." Emma said harshly stomping away.

"You're going the wrong way" Peter's amused voice rang out.

Letting out a puff of air and slight groan, Emma stomped the other way, passing a chuckling Peter as she did.


Sorry it is kind of short I will update again soon

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