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In this AU Chara and Asriel were still alive, Chara is evil, Asriel is still normal but has red and blue eyes, Asgore and Toriel were still together, Sans would be less lazy but still lazy, Papyrus would have black stuff dripping from his eye sockets but his eyes wouldn't be brown it would be a darker red color, Papyrus' scarf would be green, his gloves would be worn. Sans would have a black hoodie and dark grey sweat pants, black cleats. Undyne wouldn't wear her hair in a ponytail only kept down in an emo way. Alphys would be the cheerleading type, Mettaton would be the dancing robot instead of entertainment robot and both Alphys and Mettaton were possessed before Frisk fell to the underground. Frisk would be an emo but still had a heart. 8 souls were needed instead of 7. Shadow (my oc) was the last fallen 'human' but did all routes only by curiosity of what would happen but she does true pacifist in the end instead of the Pasifist

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