Shiv. Anika I'm sorry

Ani. Ur sorry won't bring back my son. U r so bad shivaay u r so bad. She weeped and broke down in his arms.

Shiv. I know Anika I'm the reason for everything but I promise I'll make everything alright. I'll not let happen anything to u and my son.

Ani. Ur these things won't make things alright shivaay. Infect ur presence is hurting me and my son more. Today if u won't have been react that way u did  then maybe my son would have been with me. Why u always give me pain. Why u don't let me lead a peaceful life. First u snatched my parents and now bcz of u my son has left me. I hate u shivaay I hate u. She murmured and fell unconscious in his arms bcz of conscious cry. 

Shiv. Anika Anika he patted her cheek but she didn't even move slightly.

Shiv. Jaan Plz get up I'm already worried Anika Plz open ur eyes. We have to search our son also. He trying to wake her up but she is still lifeless.

Shivaay. Kaya Karoo Kaya Karoo. He look here and there when his eyes fell on a water tap.

Shiv. Take care of mummy seeti I'm coming. He hurriedly run towards tap and get water in a small broken bottle which he got on the road. He immediately took her in his lap and sprinkle Water on her face which thankfully worked and she got up blinking her eyes.

Ani. Shavi she murmured in slow voice and stood up holding her head.

Ani. Mera bata kaha Ha . Shavi shavi she again started running on the road.

Shiv. Anika ruko he pulled her towards him and cup her face.

Shiv. Listen to me Anika he would be around  somewhere. we will find him.. first hold urself.

Ani. Mera bacha shivaay she  mutter his name while crying hysterically.

Shiv.ill get him Anika Plz stop crying he weeps and took her in hug.

Seerat. Daddy bhiyu.

Anika and shivaay came out from the hug and found shavi walking on the road lost somewhere.

Ani. Shavi she push shivaay and run towards him.

Ani. My baby. She set equal to him and started kissing his face non stop.

Ani. I'm sorry I'm sorry mumma is sorry she shouldn't had slapped u like this. I'm really really sorry. She checked his whole body and engulfed him in a motherly hug.

Ani. Why u left ur mumma Janie. U don't know what was my condition in those two hours. I was feeling like someone had pulled out my heart from my chest. I love u so much meri jaan don't do this again. She kissed his both cheek and hugged him again after packing his lips.

Shavi. I'm sorry mumma I did mistake to shout on seerat. She hadn't have fault and I shouted on her.

Shiv. Baby u don't know how much we were worried for u. why u did this stunt. Ur this behaviour made our condition worst. I was feeling like my whole world has been finished. Bata don't do this to ur daddy again.  Ur daddy don't wanna loose u again. We didn't even spend a second with each other and u left me  like this. He about to hug him but shavi moved back and hugged Anika hiding himself between her legs.

Shavi. Mumma I wanna go home. I'm hungry.

Ani. Ok bata let's go. She pick him up and left towards car  ignoring shivay clearly .

Shivay felt pang of pain to seeing hate in his son's eyes. He never thought that he will go through in this situation. He knew it's his fault. He is only one of their sorrows but still he is feeling miserable. He is feeling like to crying but holding himself to being pillar for his family. He wipe his tear and left with seeti.

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