Part 19

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Shiv. Anika u didn't do right thing to slap him.  Don't forget he recently got to know about his father. It's hard for him to disguise.

Ani.  O stop it ha. I know how to behave with my baby. U don't need to tell me.

Shiv.  It's just waste of time to talk to u.  I'm going to my son he needs me. 

Anika  immediately held his hand and turned him towards her.

Ani.  Don't need to go to him. His mother is here to take care of him and I'm very well know how to pacify my baby. Saying this she jerk him and left to check her baby.

Ani. Shavi baby where r u. She search her whole  apartment but seems like he is not here.

Ani. Shavi baby mumma is sorry Plz come out. Ok look I'm holding ears. Plz forgive me.  Now her tension is getting increase to not getting his glimpse.

Ani. Shavi jaan I'm already worried don't increase my tension. Come out now.

Ani. Shavi she clean her sweat and again check all room but there is not any trace of him.

Ani. My son she kept hand on her mouth and set leaning with the wall.

Shiv. Kaya huva Anika where is he??

Ani. Shiv. My son my shavi is not where to seen. Tears tickle from her eyes well saying. 

Shiv. Anika I think u should check properly he would be here somewhere. He said keeping hand on her shoulder.

Ani. Nhi ha I've checked every where. . She shout and started crying loudly.

Shiv. Acha chalo we will search him outside. I'm sure he would be around.

Ani. No need I'll go to find my son u don't worry. Saying this she wore her slippers and slipped out from the home to searching her son. Shivaay also grab seerat with him and moved out

Shiv. Anika stop I'm also coming

Ani. Shavi shavi she shout his name
In street but he didn't appear infront of her 

Ani. Kaha ho bata ur mumma will die without u ..plz come back. She cry running on the road.

Shiv. Anika stop it.its not good to run on road. He try to grab her but he is not able to catch her.

Suddenly shivaay widden his eyes when he saw a car is coming faster between of road and Anika is also running in same lane.

Shiv. Anikaaaa he scream and immediately pulled her towards him.

Shiv. Are u ok he said hugging her tightly.

Shiv. What were U doing Anika. If that car would have been hit u then what would I had  do.

Seerat. Aunty I'm sholly bcj of me bhiya left the home. I plomich I'll not call u mummy again.

Ani. Shavi she kept her head  on shivaay's chest and crying hard soaking his shirt in tears. 

Shiv. Don't worry we will find our son. If u will  break down like this  then how will we search him.

Anika came in reality and immediately parted away pushing him back 

Ani. Why u came back in our lives we were happy with each other but since u have came in our lives. We didn't take breath of relief. Every day we face some problems. And today my son has left me. I don't know where would be he. What would be his condition and the reason is u. Why u came back shivay. Why she shout and started hitting on his chest.

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