The Talk

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Sorry for the late update been busy with college corse work the next few chapters will be slow updates as it is my last year so preparing for my alevel exams xx
Thanks for reading and sticking with me x

"so you said that your concept of love is different but you understand ours"
Cinderella said
"yes even if we are vks doesn't mean we haven't seen real parental love their isn't just villains and there kids on the Isle there's the people that lived there before" dizzy said
"oh I didn't know that the hell they could of been put through" Anita said
"yes Adam didn't you think of those when you decided to put them there" jasmine asked
"yes I did but it was the least populated area" Adam answered 
"that doesn't mean you can just disregard those people" aurora said
"if I may interject they may of lived on the Isle but we didn't bother them and they didn't bother us we kind of lived in harmony well until..."evie said
" until what " belle asked curious
" it don't matter E you can tell them" mal said
"wait is this about the princesses party and the loner" uma chuckled
"UMA I would watch it if I was you" Jay said sternly
"why should she" Harry smerked
"I don't want their to be another argument so quiet" celia said
"argument what argument" Ben asked
"yeah and what about this thing with evie" doug asked
"it's kind of a long story" Carlos said
"why is it" Jane asked
"it's not mal didn't get invited to evies sixth birthday and so her and her mother were banished done" gil stated
"oh so she got the maleficent treatment" Lonnie said
"yeah she was more upset than mad but maleficent was furious" Jay said
"wait mal upset isn't that unheard of" Jane asked
"yeah I doubt she even has the ability to cry she's evil" Audrey remarked
"I agree" Chad backed up Audrey
"children she is not evil she is kind and talented" FGM said to scold Audrey and Chad
"so after listening to this ongoing conversation I belive that mal was not invited to a party thrown by EQ which meant that the Isle dinamic changed" SW said
"yes and to add this resulted in the original islanders becoming fearful and rebellious as well as the vks" mulan added
"yes but it was only because our children needed to be evil so we were not banashed as well" jafar said
"we I'm sorry but she would of just ruined the party so I'm not sorry" EQ said
"my daughter would not of ruined it you did when you didn't invite her" hades yelled at EQ
"Oh god hear we go" mal said for only the core four could hear but so did the aks
"I'm glad I stick to my cavern" Dr facilier said
"and im glad I cant leave my pride and joy" cruella said creepily stroking her fur coat
The smee sons sat and watched it unfold as this was new information as they were not old enough and hadn't yet heard the story of the big rival
Mr smee sat with lady trimaine as they try to stick to themselves to avoid and conflict.
In the corner all the men had gathered and were conversation about what they had learnt and how they felt after experiencing parenting themselves
"this is awful I wouldn't wish this upon any child even that of a villan" Rodger said
"I agree poor mal looked very upset about the party feasco" ferdinand added
"yes and not to mention evie it wasn't even her choose and she was only six" Phillip said
"don't you think Jay's a little protective over the other 3 I think there's more to their life on the Isle" alladin said
"there surely is not child is that protective of friends at that age their more laughing and joking playing pranks on each other if they are a little rebellious I know Chad was" charming resulted
"I agree with you all but we don't want to push for more information if it is a upsetting and touchy subject from what I have witnessed they had a evil and cruel up bringing that I must assume had abuse involved" Adam said
"not to interrupt but could you just tell us what you were talking about we won't do anything and if it offends or upsets us we have learnt how to not show it so you won't get a reaction" mal said the men sttod shocked and unsure of how to respond
"well go on" snow said
"erm you see we said from the way Jay acted there got to be more" Philip said seeing the eger faces
"And what do you mean by that" Jay said annoyed
"Jay leave it" evie said
"no I will not leave it why would you think that the way I act means there more I'm just like any tipical older brother I may not be the oldest but I'm the strongest physically" Jay said even more enraged
"we didnt mean to pry you would tell us if there was more when you are ready" charming said seeing the nervous faces of the core four
"on that not harley I think we should carry on if you don't mind whats next" FGM asked
"well up next is a song sang by mal when everyone turns to stone and everyone leaves her because she lied" harley said

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