Zayn, really sad. DID NOT MAKE

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You walk down your drive with your boyfriend of 3 years Zayn. He was holding your hand but he was holding it loosely! You walk up to his room and slip into your white dress. While he was taking a shower his phone went off. It was from a girl called Sophie. "Hey okay baby scan on Tuesday 1 o'clock! Don't be late Malik! Xx" you threw the phone on the floor. Zay...

n was going to be a dad? He cheated on you and now he's going to be a dad! "Hey babe! Em you look nice!" He said pulling on his chinos. "What the hell Zayn! Did you cheat on me?" You scream, "what? Now way!" He said keeping his voice calm. "Then explain that text!" You say, "what?" He says picking up the phone and reading it. " I did not cheat on you! I promise!" He says taking your hand. You pull away and run downstairs and out the front door. Your feet hit the ice cold ground that was wet with the pouring rain. You ran across the road trying to block out the cries of Zayn behind you, then it stopped, the sound , the movements everything! You heard a horn beep the sound of zayns voice die and the scream of a women! You spin around and see Zayn lying in a pool of blood. "Zayn!" You scream running across the road. People swarmed around him and from the Connor of your eyes you saw the boys running out of there flats towards Zayn. You push the people away and fall to the cold ground. The blood covered your dress, "Zayn? Baby. Please babe! Don't leave me!" You scream, "(y/n) I need to tell you something! I love you!" He croaked! "Oh Zayn I love you too!" You cry, you smash your lips onto his. "(y/n) I'm not going to be a dad! It's a code! I'm going to ask you to marry me! I was going with Sophie to pick up the ring on Tuesday!" He said, "yeah, yes Zayn I will marry you!" You say kissing his head, you see against smile spread across his sweet face. Then blood poured out of his mouth, and his heart stopped! "Zayn! Babe, wake up! Wake up!" You scream hitting his chest with your fists, "Zayn please!" You cry, then you feel someone grab you by the waist, it was Louis, (y/n) come on let the doctors do there job!" He says, you fight at his grip and finally fall back at zayns side, his sweet face lay still and his still body lay in the pool of blood. The next few days where a blur. You had spent the days with zayns family and when the day came for the funeral you sat on your bed, next to zayns spot. His pillow was still imprinted with his marks. His fragrance lay dead in our room. His clothes took up our wardrobe! You put on your back dress that lay next to your white one that still was stained of zayns blood. You ran downstairs and put out zayns bowl and spoon in front of his chair. You sat across him. " babe! I don't want you to leave!" You whisper , you mam walked in and leads you to the car.when you got outside the fans was lined up outside your drive holding lit candles. "Zayn would have liked this!" You say getting into the car. You stood up the front with the rest of the boys, Louis held you up in case you fell. Just before the service ended you start to cry, "Zayn! Please babe don't leave! Please!" You cry. You stood in front of his grave his coffin about to go down, "no Zayn! Please! Please, don't go!" You whisper, "I'll meet you at the alter, I'll be the one in white!" You say kissing the rose before putting it on the coffin! You sit there while everyone's gone,watching the birds fly high above the sky. "I'll love you once, I'll love ya twice, I'll love ya more then beans and rice!" You say remembering his poem he wrote for you. A few days later you picked up the wedding rings and laid one by his side, you always wore your ring! Never forgetting Zayn Malik! The one and only true love of your life. You go by his grave everyday watchin the birds by day and the stars by night. "Ll Zayn! I hope your rollarcoaster was worth getting off early!" You say kissing his grave before you walk off never to look back again!

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