TELUS #EndBullying Short Story Challenge (Contest Closed)

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Did you know?

Since 2007, TELUS and TELUS team members have provided more than $26 million in support of WE, including their support of WE Day and WE Schools programming to empower and inspire youth to Rise Above and #EndBullying.

Additionally, TELUS continues to empower Canadians to stay safe online and have a positive experience as digital citizens through its industry leading digital citizenship education program, Telus Wise. The program offers a variety of free workshops and resources, covering topics such as protecting your online security, privacy and reputation, rising above cyberbullying, and using technology responsibly. To learn more about the TELUS Wise program, workshops and resources, visit"

This year, TELUS is continuing to empower Canadians to help stop bullying, share their tactics and tips as well as ask people to share a time when they have felt supported by friends, peers and family. They are asking people to share stories of hope and optimism amidst their struggles with bullying.

Wattpad is proud to partner with TELUS for our fifth campaign to unite in putting an end to bullying and advocating kindness and inclusion. Together we can bring awareness to this important issue and empower people to spread positivity.

📝Contest Challenge

We want you to share your stories with us! A lot of us have experienced bullying in different forms and the best way we can give hope to others is by sharing our experiences of how we got through these difficult moments. Friends and peers are often great sources of support during these times by helping to protect us and listening to our struggles. They talk us through our emotions to help us deal with our situation. Now, it's your turn to join Wattpad and TELUS in getting involved in this movement and join Team #EndBullying.

In the past, how were you able to get through your experience with bullying and how did people around you support you? Tell us your story and share your advice and best tips to #EndBullying.

Share how you turned your trials into your triumphs and inspire others!


Deadline to enter this contest is December 10th, 2019 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time.

📜 Submission Requirements

(1) Your entry must be in English.

2) To enter, you must submit your entry in the comment section of this page.

3) Your story must have the hashtag #EndBullying at the end.

3) Your story must have the hashtag #EndBullying at the end

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4) Your story can be up to 2000 characters max

5) You can submit more than one story to be considered as long as they meet our guidelines.

Eligibility Requirements

Entrants must be legal residents of Canada and 13 years of age or older at the time of entry.

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🏆 Prizes

One winner will be chosen to receive the following prizes:

-One (1) Google Pixel 3A XL -Estimated value at $750

-One (1) Google Nest Hub valued at $150

-TELUS #EndBullying swag

-Shout out from the @Telus Wattpad profile.

Let's #EndBullying together!

The Wattpad Team


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