chapter seven

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I smile as the girls and I walk over to his table. The guys that usually come over were there, including Elmo. He didn't like the fact that I was sitting with him at lunch but I was on the other side of the table anyway. Some guys that I recognised from the team were also there too but I haven't met them personally yet.

Jaden moves over as I sit down next him. He wraps an arm around me as the both of us kiss.

I hear gags and glare over at Elmo who laughs with the guys. Jaden smiles and rolls his eyes, which was cute.

I get to know a few of the other football guys but look around and notice that Anthony was missing.

"Where's Anthony?" I ask Jaden.

"Damn, I knew there was something up with the convo and that's because Anthony's missing"

He scans the room and then stops. I follow his eyes and see Anthony sitting at the cheerleaders table with his hands around some girl.

"No fucking way!"

My eyes widen. I've never heard Jaden swear before so whatever Anthony's doing must be serious.

"What?" Yousif asks.

"Anthony's with Hannah again!"

All of us turn and looks at the girl he's with and it really was her. She looks even more gorgeous every time I see her.

"No way! She was an asshole to him" Noen exclaims.

"Shit, she actually was. She's fucking toxic" Elmo says.

"Now Anthony is ditching us for some chick who never cared about him?" Chase adds.

"And never will! We gotta do something about it. We can't let him get brainwashed by her again" Andre says.

"You're right. If she does, he's gonna he left heart broken all over again and seeing a bro feel all hurt and stuff hurts me" Jaden says as I pout and squeeze his hand.

I loved how all of the guys were there for Anthony, even after he made the decision of going back to his ex.

The bell then rings for class.

Jaden stands up and then holds my hand to help me stand up and move away from the bench.

"Thank you J"

He grins as we link hands and walk out of the cafeteria to go to our next class.

"I swear people think we're so basic" Jada says as the group of us walk down a hallway.

"Literally. We all do TikTok and hang out with each other but we aren't friends just because of TikTok" Andre says as everyone agrees.

"Yeah, that's just something else that bonds us together I guess but we're all so similar anyway" I say, everyone agreeing again.

We all go to our individual classes.

I go and sit in math, at the back of the classroom where I always do.

I was focused for the first half of the class but then distracted myself with thoughts. I thought about Anthony and how grateful I was for him being a man-whore around me. If it wasn't for him dirtily dancing with me, Elmo wouldn't have gotten mad and the person wouldn't have spilt the drink on me to impress him. I wouldn't have gotten mad so Jaden wouldn't have came to comfort me and we wouldn't have kissed.

That kiss led to Jaden and I getting together and I couldn't be more happier. I like him a lot.

"Earth to Mars?" I hear my teacher say as everyone laughs.

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