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Four Months Before in The Kingdom of Alzartzm, Nera

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Four Months Before in The Kingdom of Alzartzm, Nera


"In life Master Han-Duskmore, you cannot always get what you desire. And especially, not in your case this instance."

The words muttered their way out of the head of Nera courts mouth and had I not been in such a sacred building in these lands, my hand that itched with anger to revolt against his words, would have blown this place down and he would have eaten what he had just relayed right back up. As I stood over him and got what I desired.

It was a strange thing for me to do, to hold back like this as not many things did I respect. However, since this building would be mine one day in the future, I did not want to chance destroying it. This building that held centuries of history in its ancient walls. For now, I could hold my anger and deliver it to this foolish old man, on a later date. I always got my way after all, no matter what. But I could not act so carelessly right now. Not just yet.

I placed my quivering hand deep into my black silk-robed pocket and forced my normal fake gallant smile back to the man that ruled the land of Nera and there was no person I hated more than him, for thinking he could tell me what I could and could not do or achieve.

My smile raised and I uttered back only half of what I deeply felt. "Lord Sairain, I understand my words were very upfront as to what I desired. But, to say it could not be possible to achieve what I asked, is surely a lie."

Sairain tutted. "How could it be a lie? You a man of no noble connections or royal blood, dare to ask me to take my place after I die so you can rule our planet of Nera. I don't know how you came up with the nerve to ask me such a thing but let it rest, Vénn. You are a cherished young master magician of the Han, of course. However, never could you rule these lands just on that alone, it does not work that way. Power does not always mean the ability to rule a land. It comes by blood."

I persisted. "However, just like you said, I have worked my way up to such a place as your standing in this world. I am here, talking on this level with you just as you would a noble worker or brother. Why could I not rule? I'm not just strong with my powers but also my authority. Blood is not everything."

"Because also, I do not have the lingering's of evil entwined into my DNA. Therefore, blood is very important."

His words acted like someone had placed a knife in my chest and begun to twist the blade. He knew they would half stump me. The only fault in me that would stop me from ruling this land. My past.

"Just like you." I sighed. "I cannot help in which family I was born into. I am not my family. None of them worked their way up to the level of a Han master that I am. They did not even make it to the Dran stage, even though we have such a magical history in my family. If they could not even make the beginning level of our magical class system and I reached passed Dran and Meran, climbing all the way to Han, all on my own might, I add. I believe that not only tears me apart from them and makes me worthy, to show my strength that I must have had to have worked so hard to get where I am, even from my poorer connections." I knew he would not like me bringing up the magical class system as a repellent, his lip twitched at my words. I had to though. Anyhow, he dared bring up my connections, it was his own doing.

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