Meet loki...

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It's been a whole day since the girl came to the castle but nothing seemed to change about the atmosphere, still lonely and dull.

I did my studies and I did my Now was time for something nobody knew I was capable of doing. I quickly ran up to the arcane tower, it had turned into my hide away, an excise of never being enough to being the king. Everyone knows my magic works with the mind, but they don't quiet realize That my magic can read minds, create energy blasts, shape shift, and much more!

"Ok loki" I said aloud to my self "this is it, to show myself I'm better than thor" I thought as my body relax and magic flowed through my blood. My surrounding began to rubble as if they where water, changing and morphing the dark room into the well lit infirmary with golden walls and lilac beds I knew too well. Just as I guess the girl was laying in one of the healing capsules. Her hair was long and pearl like, it was whiter than a cloud. Her skin was Pale, either because she's hurt or that might be her regular skin tone, I wasn't to sure. At one point she was wearing a blood red dress that went to her knees. Now she has a ripped and stained piece of clothing that was missing a whole arm sleeve.

I felt my body grow weak but as I looked at the mother she had a look in her eye...a look I didn't trust...but who knows. All I know is my body began to burn, it takes a lot of energy to put your soul and mind in another room.

Quickly returning to the Arcane tower I let out a breath then took one just as fast. "Loki" I heard faintly. "You've got to be kidding me..." I groaned knowing I couldn't use my powers to teleport out of the arcane tower...I actually had to use the stairs. My little legs ran down the stairs hoping I was fast enough so they didn't realize where I was coming from. Turning down several halls I finally bumped into someone...not who I was expecting but his blond hair made everything more dramatic and cool. We raced down the halls until we found our father...he didn't look happy. "You boys remain in the going out into the court yards or anything" his voice was loud and demanding. Me and thor nodded unconditionally, secretly horrified...but he walked off. "That's it..." thor said in a boring voice. "That's all he had to say" I asked going along with the dramatic sene Thor mustered up. We both groaned as our father began to turn into the hall just to be tackled by a guard who immediately got up. "S-s-sorry sir-" the guards voice cracked but Odin just laughed it off. "What is it young man" my father asked sounding like the earth tales of what Old Saint Nick would sound like. "The girl sir, she is up" the guard breathed. I quickly turned my head to thor who did the same, we made the eye contact, me made the lip movements, we felt our brain waves connect, and now nothing can stop us from getting into that room.

We made a run for it following our father down snake like halls and slipped in the door without being seen. The haired haired child was sat straight up...her eyes glowing a purple, a deadly purple. They seemed like two black holes that had the power to desecrate even the strongest of souls. Her breathing was heavy and staggered "Zara, Zara honey, listen" her what I could only guess is her mother began to calm. "Where are we" the girl asked her voice soft and smooth. "Asgard...uh..." the mother looked for help from Frigga. "We will explain ever thing once your well and feeling better" Frigga stated as the girl began to rub her eyes. "Mama, what happened" the girl asked as her body slowly began to sway. "I'm not sure...they might have someone who knows" her fair skinned mother stated, but there conversation was no longer my interest as the white skinned girl got surprisingly paler as her body was over taken by gravity. I looked at the ground her head was quickly falling toward and the moment the thought popped into my head my arms where out stretched hovering away my hiding place behind the adults but most importantly catching the girl as she regained consciousness. Gasp filled the room "who..." the girl ask, her portal like eyes blinking as my mother sighed in relief "meet loki".

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