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Pen Your Pride

Sad Harry Imagine

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Harry Styles Imagine
“I’m leaving Harry, I’m done,Done!”you shout at Harry. “Fine leave! I don’t need you anyways I never did!” Harry shouts back. You couldn’t believe what he just said to you, so you just ran out the house you and Harry both used to share, you got in Your car and drove off. You were wiping the tears off your face and were thinking off a place to go to so at last you decided to g...

o to Niall’s house. While you were driving you were going all crazy you weren’t thinking straight, you didn’t even realize you passed a red light so then you crashed with a trailer, you were rolling over, until it stopped, you were upside down, blood was dripping down from your head and hands & then you blacked out.

Harry’s POV
My heart dropped when I heard that (Y/N) got into an accident And it was all my fault, I didn’t really mean to say that I don’t need her, I love her with all my heart and I really do need her more than anything in the world. (Y/N) looked pale and lifeless it really hurt me to see her like this and in coma. “How is she?”Niall asked. “Well she’s in coma right now she doesn’t seem good and it’s all my fault, if I would’ve never had said that to her she would’ve never been here”I say with tears streaming down my face. “It’s ok Mate she’s going to be alright but you should’ve really thought for a moment before saying that to her, you know she got really hurt”said Niall. “I know Mate I really regret it, I hope she’ll forgive me when she wakes up”I say wiping the tears off my face.

*1 week later*
Harry’s POV
(Y/N) still hasn’t woken up, I hope today she will wake up I really miss seeing her smile,laugh and I miss hearing her voice. “Excuse me sir would you step out for a while, we need to take a few test on her”said the nurse. “Yeah sure”I say. I get out of the room and just think for awhile, I hope everything is okay, that nothing is wrong with her I just don’t want her to go especially at the fact that the last time we talked was when we were fighting.”Okay um we’re done, you can go in again”the nurse says. I go into the room and I see her awake!, (Y/N) has woken up! “Harry..?”Said (Y/N). “Yes (Y/N)” I say. “What are you doing here I thought you said you didn’t need me”. She said with a cracked voice. “Look (Y/N) I never really meant what i said to you that day,I Love You more than anyone could ever imagine and I need you in my life you’re the reason why I’m still alive if you weren’t here with me I swear I would die because what would be the point of living without you in my life”I say looking into her beautiful eyes. “Harry I love you very much it really hurt me when you said you don’t need me because I really need you and always will”she said.
“I’m really sorry please take me back I was stu-“(Y/N) cut me off with a kiss before I could finish my sentence. We kissed passionately oh how I missed her lips on mines. “It’s okay Harry I do forgive you”she said.

Your POV
Right after I forgave him he gave me a cheeky smile and kissed me back. I couldn’t help but have the feeling that we were meant for each other, He really was the one. I started to cry because I remembered of what the nurse told me she said that I only had 1 more week of life, I was going to die.”Babe what’s wrong why are you crying?”Harry asked. “Harry I have to tell you something but you have to promise me one thing that no matter if I’m gone you will still live happily”I said with tears streaming down my face. “Bu-” I cut him off. “Promise me Harry”I say holding his hand. “I promise, now why what’s wrong”I could tell Harry was getting really worried now. “While the nurse came into my room she took me some test and told me that I only had 1 more week of life”I say. “What?!Please tell me you’re lying (Y/N), Please..”said Harry with his eyes getting all watery.”I’m not Harry,I’m not”I say.
*1 week later*
Harry’s POV
I just cant believe that she’s gone, all I ever wanted was her, only her.
How am I supposed to live without her. I still remember her last words “I will always have you in my heart Harry & I will always love you just remember that I will always be there with you just imagine me with you”. It just made me cry even more having Flashbacks of her & me. But no matter what,I will never love someone as much as I loved (Y/N).

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