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I continue walking and reach towards the bridge and that's when I saw it.

A bouquet of lilies, on a man's hand, chocolates on the other. I froze on my spot.

The man looks young from behind probably in his mid twenties, around my age. His back is facing me. He is wearing a red hoodie which covers his head with blue jeans. He is tall like really tall. Probably Eric's height.

Jesus! Why am I thinking of that man??

He looks down and sees that his shoelaces are open so he bends down to tie them. Broad back, probably has muscles too. My breathing becomes irregular. We have been talking to each other for three months now and I still remember the first time we texted each other.

I slowly take my steps towards him. My palms are getting sweaty and my heart is beating erratically. I feel like it's gonna burst out any minute now.

I stand behind him, never taking my eyes off the man's hoodie and I think he felt my presence. I place my hand on his shoulder which makes him stiffened.

He then turns around and pulls off his hoodie.

My jaws drop and my eyes pop out when I see the face of the man.

"W...wha...ho... "

The man stares at me in shock but soon recomposes himself.



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