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i move around in his lap, trying to get as close to the warm man as possible.

"argh little one stop moving" mr dun grunts.

"m-m s-sowwy! did i h-huwt chu m-r dun?" i cry out, moving away a little so i can look him into his eyes.

"no, kitten, i'm fine" he smiles, and i smile back, moving back close to him, in which he grunts again and picks me up.

"lets sit on the couch, this stool is uncomfortable" he smiles at me, kissing my forehead.

he carries me to the living room, turning on a random show on the tv.

"cuddles?" i ask as i look him in his eyes.

"of course, kiddo" he laughs and runs his hands through my hair.

i once again shuffle across his lap so that i'm closer to him. this time, moving back as i accidentally sit on something hard.

"mr dun, chu left somefing in chu pocket i fink" i smile at him, and point at the hard object that poking out of his jeans.

"n-" before he could reply, i put my hand on it, moving my hand along it trying to figure out what it could possibly be.

"b-baby" mr dun moans, and grabs my hand, taking it off of his pocket and continues "thats not in my pocket, little boy"

and then i realise, and as i do, my face turns into a tomato.

"i-im sowwy i didn know, i sowwy!" i frown, and try to get off his lap, but i cant as he pulls me back by his lap.

"its okay baby it felt good"

"really?" i reply, tilting my head to the side slightly.

"yeah, it did. it felt really good" he breathes out.

shall i do it again then? he deserves to feel good. its just a massage, anyway. theres nothing wrong with that.

i put my hand back onto him, doing the same thing as i was as he groans and moans.

"a-ah baby, stop a second, lets do something else" he whines out, and i stop.

he picks me up by my waist, this time sitting me on top of his you-know-what. i feel it underneath my you-know-what and i blush, hard.

"now what, mr dun?" i breathe out.

"move your hips against mine, baby." he groans, and i listen, and start grinding my hips against his own.

it feels so good.

"a-ah, daddy" i groan, leaning closer to him as i move my hips against his.

i dont really know whats happening, but what i do know is that it feels- great.

i start to feel something at the bottom of my stomach and a few seconds later, im overloaded with pleasure.

"ah" i moan, collapsing into mr duns chest.

"w-what was dat, mr dun?" i ask, panting.

he chuckles and runs his fingers through my hair as he says "you'll know when your older, baby boy."


thank you to eva for writing the sex , i will tag her once i get the time!

this chapter has made me feel uncomfortable

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