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i run to my new bedroom, sprinting in the room and jumping on my new spider-man bed. i love this place! its so amazing!

i open my suitcases, pulling out all my clothes and piling them up neatly as i do so.

once ive cleared my suitcases of all my clothing items, i pick up a few and walk to the closet, putting them one-by-one on clothes hangers.

once i finish unpacking all my clothes, i begin to unpack my other belongings, placing them in my drawers, desk and plugging in my dinosaur night light near the bedroom door.

i then pull off all my dirty clothes, changing into my cutest outfit, for no reason but to look and feel beautiful.

i take my time putting on my mid-thigh length violet pleated skirt, a white sweater that has the words 'daddy's princess' in italic.

i put on my cutest thigh high socks, which are white kitten socks, a kitten face and the top of the socks have kitten ears.

maybe i should dye my hair soon? im getting bored of this dirty blonde hair colour.

i go to my bedside table, pulling out my favourite silver cat headband, walking to my dresser and brushing my hair, putting the headband neatly into it.

i open my dresser, pulling out my circle glasses that i use for long distance, as i ran out of contacts yesterday. i put them on, sighing in delight as i admire my outfit.

im so lucky to be a guy with a feminine body, i think it makes me look better in these clothes, as im the size of a 13 year old, quite literally.

my cousin is almost 14 and is 6'0, which means he's almost a foot taller than me.

i look around my room, smiling in delight as i see my princess pacifier, skipping to it and placing it in my mouth, walking back to my dresser for a pacifier clip so it doesn't get gross and dirty if it falls out of my mouth.

i want a daddy.

"tylleerrrr?" i hear mr dun call, and i smile as he enters the house. yay im not alone anymore!

"coming, mr dun!" i reply, skipping down the stairs.

"hey, kid." he says as he removes his shoes by the door.

"im no kid!" i grunt, crossing my arms over my chest.

he looks up at me and laughs, before pointing down to my outfit, before repeating his words: "hey, kid."

i frown, and walk to the kitchen to get some juice.

"nice ass" he calls, and i turn bright red and run to the kitchen, out of his sight.

i open the refrigerator, my face still bright red and hot. i sit on the kitchen island, sipping on my juice as i grab the iPad in the centre of the island, turning it on and playing bitlife.

i squeak in surprise as mr dun picks me up off the stool, placing me in his lap as he sits on the stool himself.

"chu stole my s-seat" i whine, pushing on mr duns chest angrily.

"well, kid, finders keepers." he chuckles.

"b-but ish da one da found seat fiwst m-mistew dun!" i grunt.

"well i technically found it first, as i bought it, kitten." he replies, pulling me close to his chest.

i like how warm and comfy he is. he makes me feel fuzzy and happy and warm.

"mh" i whine as i turn myself around so im facing mr dun, and then i cuddle into his chest.


heyyy, its been a while!

well, im here to stay now.

also, my friend wrote me some smut stuff for this book because i didnt wanna, so stay tuned for that, it will probably be in the next chapter or the one after that.

xo, ez

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