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Jimin's Pov:

Beep beep beep..

"Just five more minutesss..."

Beep beep beep...

"Ugh! Okay I'm awake, I'm awake!" As I looked at the time and realised..."SHIT!!! ITS ALREADY 6:45!!! IM GOING TO BE LATE!!!!" Running, I went to the bathroom and did my morning routine. Today is the first day of my institution...it's my first year. I'm so nervous but excited at the same time!!

As I went down panting a little, suddenly, I heard a sweet angelic voice calling my name, my aunt aka my Mama. My parents died because of cancer...
"Jimin-ah! Good Morning, come have breakfast!" She said as she kissed my head. "No Mama not now, I'm going to be late for institution." "Atleast have a bread!" Mama shouted as I ran with the bread in my mouth, hung. "Have a nice day and eat it carefully!!" Mama shouted as she waved at me. And I waved her back.

As I entered the Institution, I heard two voices calling for me. When I turned my head around, it was Jin-hyung with Hoseok-hyung!!! My bestfriends.

"Yahhhh!! It is so hard to catch you!! Oh ma gawd..!" Hoseok hyung said as he clinged on Jin-hyung for support. "I'm sorry but how are you guys?? I missed ya so much!!" I said as I hugged both of them tightly. "Wahh.. finally Chim we missed you so much! It was so lonely without you a year!" Jin-hyung said as Hoseok-hyung started clinging on me like always 😔. As we arrived in ma classroom, I heard someone called me "Jimin-ah!" It was Taemin...my nice friend. Hyung's always tell me how he have the biggest crush on me, but...he's not my type. Even if I would say yes to him today, I don't want to hurt him tomorrow...

"Jimin-ah see I brought you something..."
Taemin-hyung said as he handed me a box "Omo! These are favorite chocolates! You always know how to make me happy, hyung!!" I said as I suddenly kissed him in the cheeks out of the blue. He was in the shade of red. It was kinda cute to see him like that so I just smiled it off. As the teacher entered the class, he started to introduce himself.

"Good morning class! I'm Mr. Choi and I would be your home teacher for the year. Hope you guys would like it!" He said with such a genuine smile.

"Okay students, introduce yourself one by one." As everyone started to introduce themselves, I felt two stares on me...as I turned my head, I saw Taemin-hyung and Mr. Choi staring at me. But I just shrugged it out with a smile. But why are they staring did I do something wrong...? Finally it was my turn.

"Hello sir, my name is Park Jimin! Hope we get along really well!!" I said as I bowed to him. "We will...really much." Mr. Choi just said...licking his lips....? nAnI-?!😳

~Time skip to home~
(Ama geugosi Mi Casa, with Chu Imma feel rich~ ricchhh~~~. sorry I can't control maself 😂)

As I went home, to my surprise Mama and Papa were both waiting for me in the dining table...usually only one of them would be there to have dinner with me...something is odd.....

"Good evening Mama and Papa!" I said as I went to hug both of them.

"Jimin-ah why don't you go and freshen up a bit? We have some important topic to talk to you about..." Papa said as I went towards my room, kinda scared. "What is it...?"
After taking shower, I went down and saw Mama and Papa talking in the hall..

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