A Goblin's Pride

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The stranger pulled me towards the portrait and tapped his feet impatiently as Antony mumbled words underneath his breath. Almoat instantaneously, a blue portal emerged, and through it a squire. "He has been expecting you. I'd be careful, he's-" a bang behind him made him flinch. "Pissed." He completed his sentence before stepping back through the portal. Antony turned around and held out his hand. "Well, sister. Lets go say hi to dear ole daddy." He said, snatching his hand back when the stranger holding my arm growled possessively. He lulled my arm and made me step through, releasing me when we came to stop at an old wooden desk. "Ariana Royal Maxi. You have overstepped yourself once again, daughter." A man's voice boomed as he stepped away from the desk to stand in front of me. I ooened my mouth to say something when Antony sent a warning look my way. "I told you when the time was right I would make you immortal. Yet you still had to go about it yourself. But you forgot that when you turn immortal, you got an immortal mate did you not." He growled as he stopped in front of the stranger that held my arm. "My Lord, I had no say in this." The blue eyed devil said as he glared at me. "At least the Goddess gave you a good mate, even if it happened to be the Goblin King. Tell me, how long has your hatred of Ariana stretched, Alexandr?" The man called as he placed a hand on the Goblin King's shoulder. "I feel as if I were cursed to rule with a bitch at my side, no offence my lord." Alexandr said with a sigh as 'his Lord' cackled once more.

"Appologies, Alexandr. It can not be undone. One the switch has been flipped it is set into motion. We must now wait and see what type of immortal the goddes wants her to be. God, I hope not a vampire. Fucking leeches." The man said as he came to stand in front of me. "How did you do it?" He asked me. I took that as my turn to speak. "Do what, exactly?" I snapped. "How did you unlock a human's soul without alerting the goddess?" He asked. I growled. "I was sent a vision from the goddess herself telling me to choose. It showed me how to unlock his soul if I choosed to be with him. I did not make him mine." I said as I snatched my hand away from Alexandr. "All lies Ariana. Tell the truth for once so that your father may go about in peace." The Goblin king growled. "My name is Anastasia Royal Maximum! Do you not understand that? I touched a crown and my body changed, underneath I am still Anastasia. I do not know any of you!" I screeched as Antony grabbed my arm. "Calm down, sister." He said quietly.

"I am not your sister, I am not your daughter, and I am not your mate." I snapped as I began to walk away from them. The man who was presumed to be my father appeared in front of me. "When you touched this crown, what did you feel?" He asked almost quietly. I took a step back as I peered into his eyes. "I almost felt a presence in the back of my mind. It went away as my hair and eyes changed colors. Then this tattoo erupted from my skin, covering half of the tattoo I got on my eighteenth birthday." I said as he stared at me. He sighed and pulled me towards a seat, gesturing for me to sit down. "I have the ability to see anyone's past memories. May I see yours?" He asked as he held out his hand. I hesitated before placing my hand in his. The size of his hand enbeloped mine as he closed his eyes, for head etched into a frown as he opened his eyes once more. "Your memories are intermingled together, yet they are separate as if you have them locked away. "You are my daughter, yet in a way you are just a descendant of mine. If what you have said is true, then the Goddess has plans and Ariana could take over you at any second. It is as if you have been reborn." He mumbled to himself. Alexandr walked over and planted himself beside me in the already small seat. "Have you devled into Ariana's lies yet?" He asked cooly as he placed an arm around my shoulders. "Right noe she isnt Ariana, although she may carry some characteristics since she is a reincarnation of her. She has Ariana locked away in some part of her mind that she can not reach." My 'father' said as Alexandr pulled back to look at me. "When I peer into her eyes I see her staring back at me. She is saying more than you assume, my lord." Alexandr said as I turned away from him. "I can assure you, these thoughts are my own." I said as I tried to pull away from him. "She is correct, Alexandr. Ariana may peer out of her eyes at the world bit she can not do anything. The Goddess has put a barrier between the two minds. I do not know why as of now." The Lord said as he stood looking at us. Antony walked over, grinning at the two of us. "Either way she's still my little sis, and she's still matched with him." He said as he pointed towards Alexandr, who sent a scowl his way. "It doesnt change anything." The Goblin king snapped as he sat back, pulling his arm away only to replace it a second later. Antony let out a laugh. "Tell that to your innerself, friend. You can't stay away from her." Antony said as his father slapped the back of his head.

"You'll feel it some day, son. And you wont be laughing." He said as he dragged Antony away, leaving me alone with an enraged goblin. "I didnt ask for this." He growled. I stood up and took a step away from him. "Neither did I. I never asked to be matched with an ass like you. I have done nothing to receive such harsh judgment from you. Leave me be, Goblin King." I snarled as I stomped away from him. I need to find a way out of here. There has to be a door somewhere. I run into a wall, only to freeze when the warmth of said wall washed over me. "Actually, you're coming with me. Wether we like it or not, you're a queen. Wether I like it or not, your my Queen. Lets go home, Goblin Queen." He said sarcastically as he dragged me through a portal.

"Welcome home, Ariana."

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