"Look for a door. Use your hands so you don't," Gasps for breath. "Crash."

"Okay. " I yell out. I start crying because god, this is too overwhelming. I'm going to die. I'm going to die. But I don't want to die. I don't want to be killed. I want to leave this place with Harry and be happy together and I just want to be happy. Why can't I be happy? What did I do wrong? Is this some sort of punishment for being a bad person?

Suddenly my hands have a great impact wih something hard causing me to wince and stumble back slightly. I hear Harry 'oomph' and shake his hands all over the wall to find a knob.

"Knob knob please a knob," He urges. His pants sound quick and his voice is so shaky and worried I just want to kiss it all away.  Finally, he gets a firm grip on it and swings the door open with so much force. He pushes me out first and then jumps out slamming the door shut.

"C'mon keep running!" He yells and we do. We enter the secret hallway and run out of it as fast as we can. This time I don't care about the spider webs or the bats or whatever the fuck is down here, all I care about is getting out alive and making sure Harry is okay. I don't know what I'd do without him. I might as well be dead if something bad happens. God, I don't even want to think about it.

We exit the secret hallway and appear at the secret wall. "Okay, we need to push this really hard right now, Emery." He tells me and places his hand in the small notch.

"Got it? Hold it steady. " He asks once I have my fingers in the notch as well.

"Yeah, I got it." And then with all my might we push the wall to the side. We hear the disant screaming of the black figure and with my adrenaline I push it harder.

"It's open! Keep running till' we get a fair distance." He slips through the small opening we made and so do I. We close it back, hoping it will provide us with at least an ounce of protection from the black figure.

I get ready to run but Harry grabs my elbow bringing me to a hault.

"Wait," He says before he holds my chin and kisses me. It's urgent and needy showing how much he needs to do this making me slip a moan in his mouth. I stand slightly on tip toe due to his tall height and relish in the kiss.

"I love you Emery, so freaking much. You mean so much to me it just  amazes me how much I care about you. You bring out the great in me, okay? I never want you to forget that. Never," He chokes up on his last words and holds my chin sweetly. The shreaks of the black figure get closer and I see him visibly wince. My heart melts at his words making the tears fall harder than they already were causing me to wrap my hands around him. I know we should be running, I know, but I can't get myself to move just yet.

"No Harry. Please don't make this a goodbye. Please don't." A single tear slips down his face and I instantly catch it with my thumb and wipe it away.

"Emery I have to. I need to before it's too late ," He whimpers. More tears fall down my cheeks and I shake my head.

"No. Don't you dare say that. Harry that's not going to happen. You hear me? It's not. I love you Harry. I love how you care and how you are and everything about you. And that's not going to happen. We're gonna leave-" The screaming starts right on the other side of the door and both Harry and I know that if we don't leave now, this will be the end.

We head off to the door and open it, shutting it quickly behind us. I glance at the other six doors for a second and take in this last sight of them. I'm never going to go inside them. I'm never coming back here, ever. I'll never know what's behind them and at this point it doesn't even matter. Nothing besides Harry and I matter at this point. I'm going to spend my life, however long it is, wondering what is behind those doors but no, I'm not going to try and find out.

My temporarily forgotten camera clanks on my chest each time I run bringing a slight pain but I rather take this pain any day than ceasing to live.

The dark hallways only flicker with lights on each side of the wall giving us enough to see. "Come back! You will die! Die die die!!!" The distant voice screams. It is beginning to sound gargled and broken the more I listen to it. It sounds scratchy and unused and horrible. So so horrible.

"Harry. I-I- we need to-stop." My chest burns from running too much causing my speed to lower. My throat feels strained and bloody when I speak, I almost throw up.

"Just a little bit more baby.-breathes- The closet is close and we can hide in there." I nod, unable to utter another word. He sounds so tired as well and for a moment I just feel sad for us. This is not how things are supposed to be.

I remember when I got that phone call. That damned phone call and me thinking, what's the worst that could happen? Well this is. This is the worst that could fucking happen. There is so little hope in me and if that is taken away, all is lost for me. All is lost.

To my relief I see the closet on a familiar turn, breaking my train of thought. I never thought I would be this happy to see a closet. Well, I guess things change when you are about to be killed. I run to it with my last bit of energy and fling the door open, dropping inside as if nothing. Harry follows suit and closes the door swiftly so that not much noise is heard. The far away screaming is still heard but the most I can concentrate on right now is breathing and not letting my thirst overwhelm me.

"I need... water." I say.

"So do I. How could we have not thought about that? Stupid stupid stupid." He bonks his head softly on his arm. I lay on my back and place my hands gingerly on my stomach. The tears keep on falling but slower this time and Harry takes notice.

"Shh baby. Don't cry. Here, I'l let you touch my hair if you want." He tries lightening the mood but by what we've just experienced that is nearly impossible. All I manage is a small smile and then touch the tips of his hair, twirling them softly in my hands.

"That was a close one," I whisper absentmindedly. His frown increases and he sighs.

"It was. I hope that never happens again. Ugh," He runs his hand through his hair and ruffles it up. Once he moves his hands away I continue touching it.

"So soft..."

Concentrating on his brown locks is helping me a bit. Of course I'm still shaken up but it's almost like Harry is just my calming medicine. He stares at me, his eyes soft and inviting.

"The children will die while the men and women cry. Your blood is cursed and they will never be saved. The children will die while the men and woman cry." I gasp and freeze up.

The black figure is right outside our door.

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