CHAPTER 1 [Mrs. Kirk is Cheaper Than These Shoes]

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"Good habits formed at youth make all the difference"


  Pippa Lange steps away from her overly pimped out locker. She laughs out as her unlikely friend, Sawyer Remington, tells her a cheesy joke she found on Tumblr earlier that morning.

  "What kind of joke is that?" Pippa comments, shoving two books into her locker and then slamming it shut.

  "Honestly, I have no clue," Sawyer responds.

  "Come on, we've got to get to English on time or Mrs. Kirk will kill us,"

  "She is such a hard ass at times,"

  "At times?"

  Sawyer sighs and then giggles. "Like all of the time,"

  With that the two girls head down the hall to the room where Mrs. Kirk stands holding open the door with a stern look upon her face. She always had that look. No student at Vista Creek High likes her or has ever liked her, that anyone knows of. She's overly strict and piles on too much homework and unnecessary assignments. An ultimate cliché. If you try to drop her class she won't let you. She's the definition of why kids hate teachers so much.

  Pippa slides into her back row seat in between Sawyer and their other unlikely friend, Kati Welsh.

  "Hey, you guys won't believe what I did last night," she eagerly exclaims.

  "What?" Sawyer yawns.

  "You know my neighbor's hot college aged son that only visits like twice a year excluding holidays?"

  Sawyer and Pippa nod semi-prepared for what is about to come out of Kati's chops.

  "Well I was outside walking up and down the sidewalk searching ever-so-desperately for my lucky Chanel barrette that I dropped while jogging," Kati starts before Pippa abruptly interrupts as if she has some kind of life or death public service announcement to make.

  "Woah, woah, woah. Go back. You, Kati Victoria-Jane Welsh, went on a jog?!? What the hell has happened to this world. What's next? You'll start donating old clothes?"

  "Excuse me?" Kati shoots back.

  Sawyer sighs. "Just continue on. This story was just starting to get somewhat interesting."

  "Thank you Soy, as I was saying. I was out looking for my barrette when Clarke came driving out of his parent's driveway in one of their nice ass Bentleys. He had on his Yale sweater, new Rolex, and blacked out Gucci shades. He noticed me walking, so he pulled up to the sidewalk where I was standing and rolled down his window. He invited me into his car, obviously I accepted. He took me to the country club where we took a golf cart to the furthest hole and then we started undressing and we straight out fucked each other's brains out,"

  "Ha, I doubt that," Sawyer coughs out.

  "Yeah Kati I think you're delusional. That must've been one of those dreams that you have that feel really real," Pippa agrees.

  "Then why would I have these?" Kati questions. She pulls out her phone and shows her friends the racy photos that Clarke and she took of each other on the golf course. 

  "What the hell are you girls looking at?!? This is English class not health!" Mrs. Kirk barks looking over Kati's shoulder. "Hand it over now!"

  "See these shoes? They cost more than your yearly salary so don't even start with me Margaret," Kati sasses.

  The class breaks out into "oohs," oh snaps," and "you tell that bitch."

  "You have absolutely no right to talk to anyone like that Miss Welsh. You are a child and I am an adult. I don't care about how much money your mommy or your daddy have. You are in my class with my rules and all three of you little… bitches will receive one week's detention for your little smart ass remark." Mrs. Kirk defends her self. She grabs Kati's phone shoves it in her sweater's pocket and she marches back up to the front of the class.

  "Are you fucking kidding me?" Sawyer mouths to Kati.

  "Dido," Pippa mouths.

  Kati just sits in her seat and huffs while she pulls out her backup phone and taps something into a text message.

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