Before You Forget Me...

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Let me start this with a warning.

There is no happy ending here.

How can you call it happy when I am not truly alive in the first place? Or maybe I am? I don't really know.

What I do know is that we need to re-evaluate the concepts of the world that we live in. I'm not even trying to start something here. You are free to leave if you think I'm being weird.

You won't be the first one anyway.


You still here?

Splendid. Let's begin.

My name... well, that's pretty irrelevant, to be honest. But you can just call me Lucy for now. Yeah, Lucy is apt for the picture I want to paint for you. The picture won't be beautiful... but it won't be ugly either. It is just a picture I'm painting. Don't let them distract you with that beauty nonsense that you forget to see the actual picture.

Away from that though.

I know you want to know why I was forgotten. I want to know that too. But it's not that easy nor that important honestly. How can you really know why someone forgets another? It's impossible to understand the human mind completely. But I know some things about this world that they don't want me to know.


That's the strongest force in your world. I say 'your world' because we aren't in the same one, you and I. Powers that have no faces... or, at least, faces you've ever seen before are what I refer to as they. Forces that exist to keep your imagination contained. They call their control order... but that's just another form of imprisoning of your mind.

Maybe that's why they made people forget about me. Because I saw their faces. Did they... let's call them the management... did the management erase me from existence because I saw what they don't want us to see?

I don't know.

But I have to be honest here. Staying with me will get you forgotten as well. The management doesn't love people knowing about the truth.

What is the truth though? Is it what you know or is it what you believe?

That's the world you live in now. You think that there is no point in trying to know more than what is real or imaginary. Some people know so little about this world, yet they are now venturing to the heavens looking for new worlds.

Complete fools if ever I saw any.

But what is real or imaginary? Is it the smell of dew and fresh soil wafting through your open bedroom window when the first rays of sunshine appear? Is it the gentle caress of your favourite drink down your throat? Is it the ability of your favourite cartoon character defying the laws of physics to make you laugh? Or perhaps the enigmatic view of colours splattered on canvas by a person who people have accepted as 'talented'?

You can't tell me, can you?

That's the picture I am painting here. You don't really know what real is because you never look beyond what the management has classified for you.

You live in this world... this space... let's call it the house. You live in this house that you are scared of coming out of because you think you can't breathe outside. The world that the management wants you to see is inside this house. The house has no rooms or passages. Just a four-walled structure fitted with a ceiling that is designed to limit any and all creativity from anyone inside it.

This is the world you call real right now.

But is it really?

The management doesn't want me to tell you there is more to the house. Do you know what's funny? Everyone already knows that there is more to the house. You just don't want to believe in that reality. Why do you think there are visionaries who turn up once in a century in your world and turn it upside down with theories never heard of before? It's nothing special in their heads. They just saw what was outside the house.

They are the ones who are brave enough to use the two secrets of the house; The window and the door.

Yes. That's a nice way to paint this picture.

The window and the door.

These are two things that are present in the house you live in which you know nothing about. Two things that the management doesn't want you to know about. They are the two things the management will go to any lengths to make you oblivious to.


I can tell you don't believe me.

And you have every right not to. You don't know me. I don't know you. But I do know the world you live in. I once lived inside the house too. There is nothing real about it. There is only the illusion dubbed as 'reality' that you are familiar with.

You know such a small portion of what you call the world. It is almost humorous when you brag about your knowledge to people like me who have spent years outside the house.

I won't laugh. I know it is not your fault. You haven't been told. The management has enough power to shield this truth from you. But they are not gods. They cannot stop me from telling you the truth now. It's my duty to tell you what lies outside the house.

But I won't force you.

I will give you a choice. Everyone should have a choice.

We can stay inside the house. I will tell you the story of the girl named Lucy, and you will see only what the management wants you to see. You might be entertained, maybe even cry a little, but the ending will be everything you have already experienced before. I will show you only what you need to know and you will never hear from me ever again. It will be like I never existed afterwards.


We can go up to the window. See the other side of the life of Lucy that you can't see inside the house. You'll know the lies and truths because they are different from each other here. You will see as far as the eye can. Learn about what is outside the house... but only as far as your eyes can see. Maybe you might even know me better. Maybe not. Of course, you're still inside the house, so there is only so much you can see outside of it.


We can go through the door, and I will tell you what the management doesn't want you to know. I will show you what the world is hiding from you. I will tell you exactly who Lucy is and why she is forgotten. No lies, no truths. Nothing is labelled as such beyond the door. The only thing that lies through it is the reality of the world.

The house... The window... The door...

Choose wisely.

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