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Chapter One (Rowan) Departure

"I'm leaving today." A dirty blonde boy slung a pack made of leather onto his shoulder, an intricate silver bracelet glinting on his slim wrist. Rowan's mentor was sitting on a chair near the table. He looked up, Rowan's brown eyes meeting his mentor's green ones.

"So soon?" Alex asked, standing up from his sitting position at the table. He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. His mentor was about a head taller than Rowan, and towered over him easily. Rowan ran a hand through his hair as his eyes scanned the room for his quill. Where did he put it again? His brows furrowed together, Rowan remembered that he was using it to write notes onto his calendar, but when he checked the stand, his white-feathered quill wasn't there.

"Who would've guessed that my teacher would miss his worst student?" Rowan's eyes twinkled with mischief as he made his way across the room in long strides, avoiding the various piles of books and papers were strewn across the floor, holding out his arms for balance. "Also, have you've seen my quill? I can't seem to find it." He asked.

Alex rolled his eyes, "Your quill is on your desk," he pointed a finger to the small, auburn wooden table in the corner, overflowing with notes and sketches. That table had special meaning to Rowan, when he started his apprenticeship, Alex had bought that alder desk for him, and now, at the end of his apprenticeship, he was still using it. It's a miracle it hadn't broken yet, especially with Rowan's clumsy nature. Rowan's face lit up and he went to go take it.

"Who says you're my worst student?" The blond magician snorted. "Heck, you could probably do spells that I couldn't," Rowan rolled his eyes, he knew that his mentor was joking.

"I'm not joking," Alex said, looking straight at Rowan, he was uncanny like that, knowing what people were thinking even before they said it out loud. Rowan simply laughed.

"There's no way that I could beat you in a casting match," Rowan said simply, glancing at his blonde mentor.

Alex's pale pink lips curled up in some sort of a smile. "You flatter me Rowan," Rowan grinned. His slim hand went through through the shelves components skillfully, he was searching for a very important dried plant.

"Are there any spells that I need to remember?" he asked, shuffling through the stuffed cupboards. Once upon a desert rain, the duo had tried to organize the shelf, but that plan fell apart quite quickly, as they realized they had way too many little trinkets and ingredients, He glanced over to his professor, who was leaning against the wall, his face an expression of thought.

"None in particular, they should be in your spellbook." He said. Right! Rowan chided himself. His spellbook, how could he forget! He wouldn't last a day without it. Rushing up the stairs, Rowan could hear Alex snickering and rolled his eyes. He admired his mentor, for he was a powerful and well-known magician but sometimes he could be insufferable.

Papers, ink, and various magical items were thrown haphazardly across the small area of Rowan's floor. He carefully tiptoed around the piles and piles of mess, trying to reach his spellbook. It was a deep indigo leather-bound book with many pure, untouched pages in it. Alex gave it to Rowan when he was first apprenticed to the magician, and even throughout the many years of learning, the spellbook still had a good amount of blank pages inside. 

"Oops..." he cursed under his breath as his sandal accidently knocked over a pile of books. They collided with the floor in a hard thud. Rowan winced at the noise as he quickly grabbed the book, sliding it neatly into his knapsack. He could hear Alex chuckling from beneath him.

"Is everything alright up there?"

"Yeah!" Rowan answered, hopping through the rest of the piles as he made his way towards the door. He made his way back downstairs without any other casualties. He grinned sheepishly at the blonde. Alex was playing with some fire magic, the light flickering and dancing across his fingers. Even after these many years of studying under the best magician in Valeria, Rowan was still astonished watching his mentor doing any kind of magic with such ease. The first time Rowan tried to do fire magic, he fainted nearly immediately and was bed-ridden with a very high fever. He only managed to create the most pathetic looking spark before passing out. It was embarrassing.

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