First question

Q: Who do you ship out of all the couples in this story besides Luke and Mia? (Good question)

A: I definitely ship Calum and Monse the second most, Luke and Mia take first place though.

Second question

Q: Which 5sos member do I remind you of, and why?

A: Oh my Tanya, you remind me of Michael because you're loud and you have crazy hair. But at the same time, you remind me of Ash because of your bandana obsession and your hair is curly.

Third question

Q: What do you like best about 5sos (as a whole) and individually? (Best question!)

A: Let's see, 5sos are just...ugh! They are just so talented and absolutely perfect, but completely modest and down to earth. Also, they might be young, but they don't argue or get angry about stupid, childish things. If someone calls them a boyband, they don't really care. If someone is hating on them, they're calm. But most of all, I love how they kinda tease each other, but they're there for each other at the end of the day.

Luke: I love Luke because he is just so completely hot on the outside, but he's just awkward on the inside. Fake 5sos fans will be like "oh Luke is so hot!" Yeah, he is hot, but they don't see the inside of him. On the inside he is our derpy Lucas, not some sexy god. Luke just makes me reall emotional because I am so proud of that boy. He started on Youtube, and look where he is now! Like I said, talent.

Ashton: Where do I start? The giggle. The smile. The biceps. The style. The accent. The hair. All of the old keeks and twitcams. The kisses that he used to blow to us at the end of every keek. His drumming, and underestimated singing ability. He's just so cute and so perfect.

Calum: BOOTY!!! Umm he's adorable, sexy, and the best chef ever (not). He kills the bass, he sings like an angel (they all do) I just love Calum, and all of them. I also love how when his nudes got leaked, he was so chill about it. Okay tbh, i've seen more of Calum than I ever needed to see. Who's with me?

Michael: The way he sings kind of quietly until it's time for his solo where he screams and kills every single one of us. HIS HAIR!!!!!!!!! MUKE!!!! His style. The way he swears. When he tries to be punk rock. Overall, I love 5sos.

Okay guys that's all! In the comments for this chapter, leave more questions. This was really fun and I wanna do this again. The deadline for these questions will be Friday, and I'll update on Saturday. I would like to have at least ten questions before the next actual chapter of the story, but it's not mandatory. OKAY BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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